December 14, 2008

Sunday Movie:The Simple Life:Till Death Do Us Part

Hi Everyone, so this sunday movie is very different. I decided to post one of my favorite Reality TV Shows as a Sunday Movie. The show The Simple Life, stars two very famous socialites Paris Hilton(Heiress of The Hilton Hotel Empire) and Nicole Richie(Daughter of famous Musician Lionel Richie) embark on journeys into the simple life.Well the seasons is over and overall they had a total of 5. This fourth Season is my favorite one. This was the time when Paris and Nicole weren't friends anymore and they decided to film a season with them taking on the roles of being Housewives/Mothers/and Family Life. I literally crack up everytime I watch this, with Nicole's humor and Paris's easy way of doing things will get you into loving them. If you don't have the dvd or the rest of the seasons I suggest you get them at a very good website for bargain deals. Enjoy! In the words of Khloe Kardashian TA TA* haha :-)