December 12, 2008

Video Blog #1

Hey Everyone I Thought I would do things a little different and once a week or twice post a video blog!!!! YAY!!!!! YOU GET TO HEAR AND SEE ME DO THE THINGS I SAY IM ALWAYS DOING!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! lOl bUt Anyway im very tired right now, i sooooo am up from 10pm of last night* haha, so im exhausted and then today i had to do mega laundry which was all of my clothes...and then running around xmas shopping with my fam...Im sooo exhuasted and beat!!!!!! lol but heres a video of my puppy tokyo(shih tzu) she got her 2nd grooming cut since like April..Im sooo happy because the long hair she was growing i couldnt dtake any much of it, so i had to snip snip cut cut her!!! haha How Do You Like Tokyo's New Cut???? I Say its very Katie Holmes Sheek* haha Enjoy!!!