November 30, 2008


Todays Sunday Movie I bring to you is Baby Momma featuring SNL's Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. :-) Great Movie Shall I Add. Its about a on going non-stop working woman, who decides in the middle of her life to have a baby, but the twist is she cant because her of fallopian tubes, and she has to have a suragant mother to help her get the baby she wants. FYI, to remind you the surrgate mother is crazy and funny as ever, shes no normal lady. LOl* I havent watched it yet but my Best Friend Has been telling me too. :-) Has anyone saw it yet??? if so what do you think of it?

November 27, 2008


Happy ThanksGiving Everybody!!!

I Hope you have a splendid ThanksGiving And A Safe One!!!! Eat All The Turkey You Can STUFF!!! LOVE YA Be SAFe!!!!! :-) YAY CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST NEAR!!! I SOOOO LOVE THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!!! HAHA

November 24, 2008


Okay So This Post goes out to my BFF Onch , From Paris Hilton's MY BFF!!!! I LOVE HIM AND HIS STYLE SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! ONCH IS THEEEE SHIEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT* LUV U ONCH!!!!!!OH HEre is his INfO!!!!,, Check OUt His JewlerY!!!! ItS HOTTTT!!!!!!!!! And ITS AFFORdABLe Too!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! CHECK OUT ONCH HERE!!!!! AND ON PARIS HILTON MY BFF <3>

Weekend Recap!

HellO Everyone!!!
This weekend shall i say was totally fun, and krazy.
I did alot of things on Saturday.
Starting with going up to the mall my job (Abercrombie & Fitch), to start my direct deposit again, and also meet a good friend of mines Sabrina for a little R&A. We dined at Chili's in the mall. I wish i had a video to show you guys or some pics, but unfortunately my sidekick doesnt have a memory card, so it acts retarted like that, meaning it wasnt able to saved the pics that i took!!! :'( WAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN!!!! lOl . It was soo crowded that day we were placed remind you the two of us , were placed in the back at a big family table* lol, it was fun, we both decided to charge the meals, due to us not having any real money on us! haha, the appetizer we orderd was Buffalo Wings...and shall i say omg!!!! those things were HOTTTT!!!!!!! lol the only thing that kept my mouth from burning was the Blue Cheese Dip, and my Strawberry Lemonade Drink(which i adore sooo much) haha Sabrina just had a regular Sprite!!! the meal i then ordered was a Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe and sabrina had the chicken ranch sandwhich!!!! I ate all of mines which sabrina didnt really!!! okay so then afterwards we went shopping in the mall checked out a few stores and then we went off the Kean University!!!
Thats the school Sabrina goes too. We had a blast there it was my frist time ever at a dorm so it was a fun experience...later we went with another friend "Camille" with her mom to Willowbrook Mall, and most def had the time of our lives, at the Makeup Mac Stand where we tried to get Sabrina to try on some good make up looks. haha, she wouldnt budge!!!! then after that we ate, and came back to the dorm for some special fun that included boys lol nothing fresh though just a tease here and there!!! lol
To end the night i got home at like 1:40 in the AM!!!! lol thats how crucial it was, fun night* haha
HOw did you spend your saturday night????

November 23, 2008

Sunday Movie: Snowglobe

Im so exstatic, that the Christmas Holiday is almost near!!!

In That Case, The Sunday Movie is "Snowglobe" featuring R&B singer Christina Milian, Lorraine Bracco, and Josh Cooke.

Without giving too much her is a synopsis of the TV-PG-L Movie :-)

"A woman who always longed for the perfect Christmas receives a magical snow globe that transports her to a land where every day is the twenty fifth of December." ("/) Surprising So Far!!! lol,

A special presentation of the movie will be airing tonight Eastern Time, on ABC Family at 10PM. So if your like me and wont be doing anything with your life at that time, then i suggest you watch it with me!!! even though i do have the DVD already!!! Great Movie!!!! :-) ENJOy!!!

Whats your favorite Christmas Movie?

November 21, 2008

Do You Remember Her????

UPDATE::::: THIS GIRL IS A YOUTUBE CELEB PHENOM!!!! :-), Her Name iS Esmee Denters'.She's from the Netherlands, and having such a great voice and posting all her videos on youtube, she had the chance to get discovered by Oprah, therefore the record excutives watching also had thier eye on her , but one celebrity really reached his heart out to her, some of you might know him from the band "Nsync" the cute country boy who dated Britney Spears. YES!!!!! Justing Timberlake!!!! :-) Justin Timberlake reached out to Esmee,and from then on He signed her to his Label, and now they have a charity song entitled "Follow My Lead" Where you can purchase and download the single via,,, and I shall add the single is soooo great and its live, so you can hear the soul in tiher voices telling everyone to do thier part and support the Shriners Hospitals for Children. I love esmee and i hope her career is filled with many success!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL!!! YAY!!!!! cant wait for the album :-)


Congrats To The Family Of The Simpson-Wentz Clan, on thier new arrival of a baby boy this past thursday.

I was very happy that Ashlee had her baby, because it seemed like she had been pregnant for such a long time!!!! Whewww You Rock Girl!!! Okay so my source that i heard the news from was "The Sydney Moring Hearld" rather known as where to my knowledge i came across the baby boy's name. Lord, Please help me as i type this. He was named after a character from the Disney movie "The Jungle Book", the 3.5 kilo baby boy is now named "BRONX MOWGLI".GOOD LUCK!!!! :-) LOL.Im happy For the Couple Just Disagree with the name. Does anyone else feel the same???

November 20, 2008

Beyonce's Album I Am...Sasha Fierce

I must say, i am truly in love with Beyonce's New Album I Am...Sasha Fierce :-)
Good JOB B!!!!!
I Love Both Sides of the album...The Beyonce Side is more Ballad Songs where the Sasha Fierce side is soooooooooooooooooo uptempo!!! ... I will soon post picturese of me on my way getting the album!!!! lol I Got it The DAy It Came OUt, and to top it off i sooo brought the Deluxe Edition album which had 5 more new songs, and the booklet packet expanded with new pictures and also lyrics. I just can't wait for the tour!!! ;-) its going to be a GReaT SHOW I can TELL alReady!!!!
If you dont have the album you can get it now!!!!!!!!!! I Am...Sasha Fierce get it at your local walmart,best buy,circuit city,fye,target,and itunes!!!. All the Single LadiEs Are IN!!!!!! HAHA

November 16, 2008

Found Pictures!!!!

Okay so I just Got The Pictures From Halloween Night!!!! WOW!!!!! Im Super Late!!!!!! HEre yoU Go Enjoy, Note: I was The LunCh KIng For The PARTY!!! haha Jam is a true alchy!!! and Tre' And Jackie!!! loL

Sunday Movie:Save The Last Dance

I decided to make my blog more interesting, that every sunday i'd post a blog on a movie i choose that best fits the Sunday Movie. Sunday's is the day to relax at home with family and watch an interesting movie. Well this sunday's movie is "Save The Last Dance" starring Julia Stiles, Patrick Thomas, and Kerry Washington. Its about a white teen who falls for a balck student who also loves dance, the movie is sad yet funny. I think this was so far one of the best dance movies, that will always be in the top10 Dance movies. Julia Stiles really played a good part going Hip Hop!!! haha. Have you ever seen the movie? What do You think about interracial relationships? IM SOOOO ALLL FOR IT!!!! haha

November 13, 2008


Hey everyone, (o:

Sorry For The Wait!!!! ITs fiNAlLY OVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been without internet for soooooooo long, im talking about 3weeks!!!! WOW!!!! What Happened Was , Our HOme PHone Number Got A New Number So The PHone LIne Is ConNECTEd TO the INTErNET And It WAs NEVER UpdATed!!!!It toOk 3 Weeks JUSt FOr the INTerNet to GEt TURNed BAck ON!!!! BOy OH BOY!!!! ANyWAy, I Will Tell You THAT I've had sooooooooooooo much fun this past fewwwwww weeks, I visited my BFF's House, and had a ball!!!!! for halloweeen!!! haha, also i started hanging out with my best friend Tammy aka TAm TAM BTCH!!!! LOVeS hEr!!!!! <3' href=""> and i think!!! lOL idk!!! try that!!!! Okay so im working back at A&F now!!!! I'll write back soon im very tired Lol haha, long day i had!!!!! happy the internet is back on!!!! peace WOrld!!!! LOVeS Ya!!!! BE sAFE!!!! AND YAY OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!