February 15, 2009

Adrienne Bailon New Solo Music

So I was very interested for the soundtrack for the new movie "Confessions Of A Shopaholic". I was browsing the song list until i came upon one of my favorite singers, and she had two solo songs on the album. I was ecstatic! Her name is Adrienne Bailon, shes known for being in the trio group 3LW, then the band disbanded, because differences with another bandmate Naturi Naughton(NOTORIOUS MOVIE). Adrienne along with remaning bandmate Kiely Williams went to Disney Channel to form The Cheetah Girls, along with Sabrina Bryan and Raven-Symone. Raven-Symone then went seperate ways with the group for bigger and better ventures. The Cheetah Girls are now a Recording Music Act, with a Recording contract, who sells millions all over the world. The Songs your about to hear from Adrienne is a fast paced, uptempo song couldve been used in the movie "Sex and The City", entitled "Big Spender", Adrienne has great vocals on this song, the other song is a ballad entitled "Uncontrollable". I hope you get to see the movie or buy the album "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" I havent seen the movie yet, but im soon to get the soundtrack. Enjoy