February 6, 2009


okay, for those of you who don't know about me...i am very very very into my technology!!!! i cant live w/o my ipod,cell phone, or laptop <3
Well the worst has happen, i will be phoneless until somebody gives me $240 for my past two monthly bills. :'( Oh NOO i Cant Do It...i dont get paid again till the 21st, this cant be real!!! really cant!!!
i just wanted to let you all kno!!! i will be in deep depression for the next couple of days ...
What can i do with my life to survive for the weekend?
Well I StiLl HAVe AIm!!! THATS GoOD!!! :-)
Still Sad though i love my blackberry curve!!!
How Do You Feel When You Loose One Of Your Most Favorite Possessions?