February 12, 2009

Looking For A Band Nation Wide Search!!!!

Hell Everybody from Myspace,Youtube,Facebook,and my fellow bloggers from LatroyWatson.blogspot.comI am doing this video to informeverybody that i am doing a nation wide searchfor a band. YES everybody a band!!!! as all of you know i want to become a singerand i dont want to enter the music businessjust singing behind a music tracki want the audience to fell the musicand hear the live instruments and talented vocals the band gives. I am looking for a Guatarist,Keyboardist,Drummer,And about 3 background singers Male and female!!! People with great talent, and has always wantedto be in a band with great style and acoustics.You can contact me by emailing me at my direct emailJadoreLaTroy@Gmail.com I Will get back to you Directly soon, or you can message me onFacebook,Myspace,My Youtube Channel, just type in LaTroy Watson, or my blogsite. Tell everyone you know, pass the word aroundif your ready to be in a live band, let me know..LETS GO OUT AND SHOW THAT REAL MUSIC IS STILL Alive. Hope too hear from you TAKE CARE AND HAVE MANY SUNNY DAYS AND STARRY NIGHTS