February 25, 2009


Hi Fellow Bloggers, Yesterday I had a splendid time, I went to the most magnificent puppy store in my area of New Jersey. I traveled along with my best friend and her adorable girlfriend to Shake-A-Paw Puppy Store, in Centrel, New Jersey. I've always passed by it but I would never stop to check it out, I heard rumors that the store stunk!!! The Store doesnt really stink , it was really just the residue and pee from the puppies.

Chanttel picked out the cutest shih tzu ever!!!!!!!!!! she was just born this month, and her color was amazing, I on the other hand named her already "Honey Child"(taken from Nicole Richie's Shih Tzu) haha. Chanttels' girlfriend Erika, she also picked out the cutest and adorable Beagle i've ever seen. Once again I had to name the little puppy, so i named her "Samantha".

I used to have a dog when I was a little toddler, but then as I grew up, and my family got rid of the family dog, I became scared of dogs. That was until my Chanttel, and her family had a lil dog named "Prince" which btw he's an all white male Maltese; I got used to being around him, and wanted him for my own, early year of 2008, I got my first black and white Shih Tzu puppy, and I named her Tokyo. After all this puppy talk, I decided I wanted one more puppy, so once I save up all of my money again I'm going to buy me another puppy!!!! :-) Wish me Luck.

Do You Own A Puppy or Dog??? If Not Would You Want One, And What Would You Consider?