February 8, 2009


The Sunday Movie This Month Is Going To Be Sooooo Special, due to the month being Black History Month. I am an African-American, and I am proud, of what my fellow African-Americans did to contribute,and to make equal in the United States. Many of the African-American Pioneers, were great inventors,citizens that experienced slavery, and people who excelled in school and beyond to become great Lawyers,Doctors,Judges, and so forth.

Today's Sunday Movie is one of my favorite Black History Movies, it is "Ruby Bridges". This movie is about a very smart young African American girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, I would say about in the 1960's, who came from a low poverty, African-American town. Ruby was very smart in her school, the township considered her acceptable to attend a more higher learning school, which was an all Caucasion school. Back in the 1960's there was a big fuss, about interracial schooling, between the blacks and whites. Ruby goes through alot of ordeals just to become an equal person in the school. Im trying not to give much away, but heres a look at the trailer. :-) Enjoy! This Phenomal Movie Casts; Chaz Monet,Penelope Ann Miller,Kevin Pollak,Michael Beach, and Lela Rochon.