March 23, 2009

Night w/ the BFFF'ersz

-so today after work; one of my BFFF's(lol) Chanttel, decided to stop by my house for alittle a&r. -we caught up , chilled, laughed, and also ate alot!!!! , I happenly cooked up some Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper!!! Yummmy!!!, my cooking is always the best!. We ate that, and I also popped in some Garlic Bread to go with it. I really enjoy hanging out with Chanttel, we've been tight since Sr. Year of High School, and we just always bug the "FREAK OUT" haha. I LOVE YA CHANTTEL, AKA COOKIE!!!
-oh btw, I couldn't just have her leave w/o having a photo opp!!! heres the pics enjoy..haha