March 4, 2009

Simply Under the weather!!!

hey everyone, im writing this blog to tell you all, im soo sorry for not blogging the past few days.
Since saturday i've been hit with the common cold,flu,or headcold. Smh!!! I honestly didn't have the power to get up and get on the computer to check my mail,check other blogs, and check up on my facebook , and myspace.

To let everyone know now; I will be deleting my myspace!!! ;'( sad but true, i'm not feeling very happy about , its not how it used to be or maybe its just plain ol' boring and im more interested in FACEBOOK than anything...idk, but its going to be soon delted, dont know when but i know very soon!!!.

I was listening to some good oldies yesterday, and decided to revive these artists, so the first artist that i miss entirely sooo much is Kelly Osbourne, her singles "Shut Up!!!" and "One Word"
and the other artist is Fantasia Barrino, her singles that i love are "Free Yourself", "Truth Is", and "When I See You".

These are very good artist, when you get a chance check them out. Show Real Love and Not Downloaded Love :-)

As for the cold, im doing much better, I have the energy to write again, so hasta la vista* haha