March 8, 2009


So I guess, this Sunday Movie is one of the best movies of all time. I personally love Drew Barrymore's performance in this comedy chick flick. This movie is about a reporter(Drew Barrymore) trying to get a great story so she and her coworker/partner can keep thier jobs, so she decides to write a story on teacher/student relationships. Remind you shes 25 yrs old playing a 17yr old, which means in order to get the story she would have to go undercover back as an high school student. With that being said, it brings back memories, to her because Josey Gellar(Drew Barrymore) wasnt the most popular, and noticable girl in school, she was known as the reject/nerd. Josey goes through alot of obstacles throughout her entire time playing as a High School student, and learns some vaulable lessons in life. Throughout it all this movie has got to be so funny, a tear jerker and delightful. You will enjoy the movie as much as I did. If you love Drew Barrymore, then you would love her outstanding amazing work in "Never Been Kissed". Heres an official trailer from the movie, I hope you watch!!!!! Also there is a famous "Fantastic Four" Character in this movie too, can you point him/her out???? :-)