March 7, 2009


Hey everyone; so alot of talk has been going on with the freely publicized word of "Twitter". Hmmm, I always wondered what a Twitter was until people started signing up for it, now knowing me I used to sign up to every social networking site that was out, for instance:Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster. Now I told everyone that I wouldn't sign up for a Twitter or even think about going to the website of that nature.

Well now that alot of people, and celebs are using Twitter, I thought it would be okay to check it out. Well to give you an inside scoop of what Twitter is, Twitter is a social networking status update website, where it asks one question , and you just post/stat what your doing at that time. It's an update of what you are doing in the time of your life right now!!! :-)

So I finally signed up for it earlier this week, and I've been loving it ever since. I may not have that many follower, but I follow my friends and favorite celebs. :-) You can view the video below to see the real inside depth on twitter. Enjoy