April 15, 2009

100th post!!!!

Whoooooo HOOOoo this is my 100th post...i'm feeling so good right now!!! is this tacky or what lol But just wanted to thank those who view my blog and comment, which i really dont recieve comments but its okay...i still will post and write, now that my BBC is up for blogging!!! whooo hooo easy way to blog right yall!!!! so i will post more often now. Thanks Everyone Showing Me LOve.

Today is such a rainy day, so I will rest rest rest because, i've havent gotten any good rest in a while. Ever since working back to back. It's raining also here in Jersey so i guess im going to take the time to do some spring cleaning once again later on, and also laundry!!! ugh!! i hate laundry what about you????