April 6, 2009

Crime In Newark

OMG!!! Today was a harsh day, on my way going home from work, my friends and I drove past a crime scene. Like nosey black people we got out to see what the ruckous was. The story said was that a guy had got shot 3x or 2x abdomen down, and there he was lying on the ground legs full of blood on the ground and im just shaking and cringing. I've never seen somebody get shot, before or any such crime of that essence.
So Much Crime in Newark, and it just seems to be getting only worse!!! I hope the guy is doing well and is alive, when i left the crime scene the people helping out the man who got shot were saying hang in there your not going to die, dont say that and all of this about to die words!!! omg!!! I can't fathom me in that perdicament...THANK GOD IM ALIVE!!! THANK GOD FOR A NEW DAY!!! NEVER TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED!!! I APPRECIATE MY LIFE!!!!