April 3, 2009

UMES Princess Anne, Maryland

Yesterday, I Took a trip down to my Best Friends' School(College) w/ her mother to University Of Maryland Eastern Shore. We went because my best friend was on the Deans List for the fall of 2008, and the school decided to throw a big ceremony. It was a 4hour drive but me and my best friends mother kept it real fun!!! The weather there in Maryland is very hot,humid, and lil rainy, It's the South, the type of weather you would expect. The ceremony was quite lovely all though they didnt call my best friends name up on stage, because they only recognized the Seniors and not the underclassman.

We met up with her aunt,grandmother and two baby cousins, and sat out to go eat afterwards. We ate at this Brilliant Gorgeous All You Can Eat Buffet "Golden Corral" Yummy, they have the best food there. I wish they had one up here in the north. :'( Shall I add I adore her family as if they were my family. <3

After the luncheon, we went back to Campus, and Brit showed me around, shall I add, there are alot of cute boys there, and it's such a big campus the walking distance is like ugh* a workout. Haha Britany goes to a HBCU(Historical Black College Univeristy) so the majority of the students are African-American. I think its very good that there are HBCU's around the US Of A because it gives a place of belonging in the world to the African-Americans , and they know they can become a positive outforce in the world.

OMG!!! I have and will post this video of me and Britany trying to pump gas, well actually i've never pumped gas before, but the frist time Britany pumped her mothers' truck, she got gas all over her outfit. haha, not funny but HEY i'd get a kick out of that. Just watch the video and you will be surprised at what happened haha. Enjoy the pics and Video hope you comment* 8-)