May 2, 2009

Rutgers Fest 2009

Yesterday was Rutgers Fest 2009. Rutgers Fest is a big College Festivity @ (Rutgers University(New Brunswick) Gathering where a bunch of partying,and concerts happen. We had so much fun; my friends and I. We drove in my best friends BMW Converitble; on the way it was Tammy,Marie,her cousin and of course; ME! We were feeling it in the car, and was having a ton of fun just laughing and bugging out. Of course; being the Divas were are we got there so late we missed the celebrity performances; so i couldnt even tell you who performed lol. We met up with our close best friends 'Vito,Schyler,Steven,&Niki, where we chilled in Niki's dorm w/ cute guys and girls, and just danced and partied. The party ended kind of shortly because somebody had pulled the fire alarm, and we had to literally leave the dorm building. We also made way to have fun until everyone was hungry and decided to go to WAWA for something to eat.

I've never been to WAWA before, but i was told its like Quick Check, which is a lilttle convience store more towards the highways going south of New Jersey and it had a gas station. They amensed the food was great and I was thrilled. We had the top drop in Tammy's BMW converitble down!!!! Jamming to hit songs, and things of that nature. WAWA i have to say has the best donuts ever!!!!!!!!!! They're bowties taste 100% more better than Dunkin Donuts. I wasnt really feeling the small sandwhichs they had to offer so i vowed for Chinese Food and just the bowtie :-).

On our way back to YUMMY YUMMY chinse resturant our friend vito gave us his Britney CD to jam while driving in the car. Overall we had such a good time; i mostly didnt take any pictures because i was too busy filming our crazy night* .:-) Enjoy our night with us.