June 2, 2009

The Hills Goodbye Lauren Conrad;Hello Kristen Cavallari

Many of you know i am a die hard "Hills" fan. I like watch it religiously and im always in tuned to what's happening.This past sunday the 5th season finale ended and it happened to be the last episode for Lauren Conrad(the star of the show). I thought the Hills were going to be over after Speidi's wedding and Lauren's Departure, but that wasn't the case, supposedly a special guest made an appearing entrance in the finale' episode.

 Those wonder who and why, well it was no other than Miss DRAMA herself Kristen Cavallari!!!, Now those of you know Kristen as the partying, always in drama girl on LAGUNA BEACH ( THE REAL ORANGE COUNTY) which led to the spinoff of the Hills. On Laguna Beach Kristen and Lauren were always budding heads, but were never friends. They have history of sharing the same boyfriends, and things of that nature. The first season of Laguna Beach Lauren Conrad was the one narrating the entire season until when the second season came around Kristen upstaged LC(Lauren Conrad) and started doing the Narrating. SMH-It was played out(EDITED) that everything LC did they had Kristen upstage her. Well now word is going around that Kristen Cavallari the girl everyone loves to hate is appearing on the bonus episodes in the fall. Hmmmm, and we know things get pretty krazy when she has a back and forth altercation with one of the Hills Castmates, hmmm let me refresh your minds on whose left (Lo Bosworth,Heidi,Spencer,Stephanie Pratt,Brody,Frankie,Jayde Nicole,and Audrina Patridge).

Which one of the cast mates do you think the person is? We will see on the new bonus episodes airing this fall on MTV let's see if Kristen really overtake Lauren's thrown once again and Narrates the Hills. This is one messy show now!!! I LOVE ME SOME KRISTEN CAVALLARI and LAUREN CONRAD, Lauren just better be lucky shes not on the show anymore, her life would've been filled with drama for days!!!! :-D