September 4, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Sorry I've taken the time out not to update you all, but im back!!!
I'm going to dearly try to take the time out of my day to blog
when I get the chance. I have alot to tell you all, alot has happened to me
in the events while I was away.

Any Dandy How Was Your Summer?....You Ask Mines?? Well It Couldnt've been much better. The Summer went by oh'so'fast; but had the time of my life. I spent it with my best friend mostly and workn however; I finally got the axe working for Abercrombie & Fitch. My Fitch days are over finally. I feel like it wasn't a bad ending it was just only the beginning of my life.
A good ol' wise bird told me "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON" so I stick with that qoute everywhere I go.

Im currently getting back into my school regime! YeS! FINALLY. The downfall is i'm going to need these 4yrs to hurry up in a flash. I currently want to start working in my profession which is Communications/Public Relations. I plan to work for Lizzie Grubman Public Relations: one of the biggest Entertainment PR Firms in New York City.

Also to add i've been addicted to twitter non-stop!!! Im such a twitter hobbit; that i'll tweet just about anything, just so I can say I tweeted today!!!'s funny because i've told myself i would never get one of those twitter accounts and now look at me. lol You can follow me @JadoreLaTroy....FOLLW ME YOU PEOPLE!!! JUST TWEET ME A MSG SAYING BLOGSPOT SO I KNOW ITS YOU AND I CAN FOLLOW YOU BACK!!! :-)

Ookay So Im Still trying to figure out what i will be talking about on my blog,* still i will be posting my party life and my life, but i want to make my blog more interesting* so if you have any ideas hit me with a comment and i'll be sure to input your idea on my Blog Idea list* Thank You Very Much* haha this sounds like a comeback*