September 21, 2009

Twitter...Are You Following Me???

Hey Everybody, So My New Addict This Year Has To Be Twitter!!!! Im So Addicted How Bout You??? If You Don't Know What Twitter Is, I Suggest You Get An Account* My Friends And I Tweet About Anything And Nothing* LOL. I Also Enjoy Reading The Celebrity Tweets And The Drama That Goes On Between Them! That Is My Twitter Fix ;-3) Before My Phone Was Off, I Would Tweet From My Blackberry Via Ubertwitter An App That Is Downloaded On The Mobile Device To Tweet On The Go. Now With Everyone On The Twitter Crave And Addiction, There Is A Twitter App For Just About Every Mobile Phone* I Personally Think The iPhone and The Blackberry's Have The Best Twitter Apps* Do You Like Twitter? If You Don't Have Twitter, What Will You Tweet About? Are You Following Me?

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