September 23, 2009

Vocabulary-Wisdom Of Words

Me And My Best Friend Make Up Quotes, and Words Every Chance We Get. If You're Around Us Often You Might Pick Up On It. We Use It Very Often, And I Don't Think We Will Stop; We're Just Silly Like That. So Here Is A Bunch Of Words, And Quotes Im Sure You'D Pick Up And Use.

1) GMH- Got Me Hot
ex:When' Somebody Gets You Really Mad/Annoyed.

2) SMFH- Shaking My Fuccin Head

3) GMB- Got Me Blown
ex:When' Somebody Gets You Really Fired Up, Pressed Your Buttons To The Limit.

4) CTFU- Cracking The Fuck Up

5) CLOWN- Stupid/Idiot/A Big Joke. A Person Who is Humorous Without Intention, Therefore Is A Dumb Mothafucker.
ex: A Turtle Is Green, Not Brown CLOWN!

6) EXCUSE ME- Come Again/Recite What Was Said
ex:The Act Of Saying Something That Needs Serious Attention, Or Understanding.

7) YOU WILL NOT- Going Against What Was Commanded
ex:The Act Of Telling An Individual Not To Make A Big Mistake.

8) QUEEN-A Flamboyant Homosexual, Usually Male, Always Fabolous.

9) BUTCH-QUEEN- A Gay Male That Is Neither Extremely Feminine, Nor Extremely Masculine And Can Easily Portray Both Mannerisms.

10) I GUESS- Disdain for Something Or Someone
ex: Jenny: Actually, You're Not Invited. Sorry, But, Really, I Don't Want To Have Any Losers Like You At My Party. Jim (as she walks away): I Guess...

11) RUDE- The Act Of Showing Disrespect Towards Someone Or Something

12) HEY GIRL!- The Act Of Showing Phoney-ness Towards A Person You Just Talked About
ex: Oh That Girl Sleeps With Everybody I Don't Like Her, (girl walks up to say hello), You Say: HEY GIRL!

13) YES, NO,MAYBE???- The Act Of Asking Permission Or Agreement Of A Situation
ex: Can I Wear Your Red Eye Liner For Hollywood As The Cowardly Lion For Halloween? YES, NO, MAYBE???

14) LEARNT/LEARN- The Act Of Educating Someone On What Is Right And What Is Wrong In The Situation, How Things Are Going Accordingly

15) PULL YOU TO THE SIDE- The Act Of Having To Remove A Person From The Group To LEARN Them Of Thier Wrong Doings, Or Actions

16) JAWN- A Person/Group Of People Too Cool For Society. It Can Mean Anything, Like A Fine Girl/Guy, A Blunt, Really, It Can Be Used For Everything. It Basically Means "THING".

17) BOOJIE'- The Act Of Being Sadicity. From High Class, Wealthy, or Very Well To Do Background. Unknowingly, Unintentionally Snooby or Snooty.
ex: I Was Born In The Ghetto; But I Don't Go To Ghetto Functions.

Now You Can Take These Everyday Essentials And Put Them Into Your Own Vocabulary And Talk Like Us! PS. More On The Way...