September 22, 2009

Who Is Necole Bitchie???

Who is Necole Bitchie???

Well, to my knowledge Necole Bitchie is a known Entertainment Industry Blogger. Necole has been in the game since 2004, and she's just getting started. You can't compare her to Perez, MTO(MediaTakeOut), YBF(THEYOUNGBLACKFABOLOUS),or LoveBScott. Miss Bitchie has her own way of blogging the juicy details of what is happening in the Entertainment Industry today, in the words of Miss Bitchie herself she lives by her quote:

I absolutely love Necole Bitchie and her blog is my morning fix. I can't get enough of the way she views the Entertainment Industry and the juicy facts on Celebs we may not know about. Necole knows most of the celebrities she has come across and they show Necole support each and every step of the way. Other people may think Entertainment Blogs are garbage, because all people do is bash on celebs, make up false stories, or just sit and elaborate on their lives just so they can have something to writeabout.
MissBitchie doesn't give you that benefit of the doubt! Whatever facts she pulls in from industry insiders, she posts about them. They may not like it, but hey "IT IS WHAT IT IS" you did the crime now you pay with recognition whether its good publicity or bad publicity.

I haven't met Necole Bitchie, but i've seen her on Ustream with an R&B singer Teairra
Mari who did a live broadcast at a photo shoot with Atlanta's known photographer
"Derek Blanks". Necole happened to be with Teairra and took control of the Broadcast
Chat whileTeairra posed away. The Ustream chatters such as I asked Necole questions she answered but was too shy to be seen on camera. Miss Bitchie seemed down to earth,and joked around with the many of viewers that watched and typed away.
I respect NecoleBitchie more than I respect other bloggers out there, no offesne to
the other bloggers, I love you all but Necole gives me this driving force not to stop and
to exceed more. Necole's blog is always updated, not with just one post a day; but
many to have you in your seat at work or on your phone just to see what the Celebrity
News is.Necole blogs about any and everything, she keeps no holds barred.
In my eyes Necole has really just started, she maybe known to the industry people,
but I feel this dashing blogger deserves recognition on television,radio and throughout
mainstream media. Also if you are on Twitter I suggest you Follow Miss Bitchie
to see what she's really all about! Necole Bitchie's Twitter @NecoleBitchie