December 1, 2009

My Two Favorite TV Show Indulges

  My two favorite shows that I absolutly adore, and have to watch in the Morning are "The Dr.Oz Show" & "The Wendy Williams Show". Both come on Fox, and Wendy's Show is first then after Dr.Oz is on. I love Wendy's humor and the juicy gossip stories about the stars. Also, sometimes she has fantastic guests that stop by the show. She used to have her own Radio Talk Show on WBLS a known local Radio Station here in the East Coast, and she also had her own half hour radio interview show on VH-1. I just love her, she's has to be one of the many most brilliant disc jockeys ever! LOL

Then we have Dr.Oz now I just recently started watching this man, though i've heard he was on Oprah way before, and thats how he got his own tv show with Oprah's Network "HARPO PRODUCTIONS". Whatever that case is, I love how Dr.Oz keeps its real on health issues, and doesnt sugar coat anything. Also the way he uses his audience members not only as guests but his experimental sidekicks! He's cute for an old guy isnt he? :-) Overall these two shows I must watch in order to complete my day! If you ever get a chance please check out both Wendy Williams (NEW JERSEY NATIVE AS I) and Dr.Oz. Wendy is at 10 A.M. and Dr.Oz is 11 A.M. BOTH GREAT SHOWS!