February 26, 2009

Check Out My Girl Khloe Kardashian

Here's a video of Khloe Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The show aired last night, and I totally missed it. Lately, Khloe has been promoting Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 3, and Celebrity Apprentice. March 1, 2009 Celebrity Apprentice premieres, and March 8, 2009 KUWTK, premieres on E!. I hope you all watch. Khloe Kardashian is my idol, and her perserverance, is what I love about her. YOU GO KHLOE!!!! TEAM KARDASHIAN!!!! WhooooooHooooooo!!!!

February 25, 2009


Hi Fellow Bloggers, Yesterday I had a splendid time, I went to the most magnificent puppy store in my area of New Jersey. I traveled along with my best friend and her adorable girlfriend to Shake-A-Paw Puppy Store, in Centrel, New Jersey. I've always passed by it but I would never stop to check it out, I heard rumors that the store stunk!!! The Store doesnt really stink , it was really just the residue and pee from the puppies.

Chanttel picked out the cutest shih tzu ever!!!!!!!!!! she was just born this month, and her color was amazing, I on the other hand named her already "Honey Child"(taken from Nicole Richie's Shih Tzu) haha. Chanttels' girlfriend Erika, she also picked out the cutest and adorable Beagle i've ever seen. Once again I had to name the little puppy, so i named her "Samantha".

I used to have a dog when I was a little toddler, but then as I grew up, and my family got rid of the family dog, I became scared of dogs. That was until my Chanttel, and her family had a lil dog named "Prince" which btw he's an all white male Maltese; I got used to being around him, and wanted him for my own, early year of 2008, I got my first black and white Shih Tzu puppy, and I named her Tokyo. After all this puppy talk, I decided I wanted one more puppy, so once I save up all of my money again I'm going to buy me another puppy!!!! :-) Wish me Luck.

Do You Own A Puppy or Dog??? If Not Would You Want One, And What Would You Consider?

February 23, 2009

Dope Album:Ryan Leslie

Hey Everyone, I thought i'd post this blog on one of the dopest albums that came out recently, I believe last week or so. It's Ryan Leslie's debut album. You can mostly hear his beats for producing with Cassie, and various Bad Boy artists, and others, such as Beyonce, Danity Kane, Cheri Dennis, Yung Joc', and no other than Britney Spears. Check his album out, you can purchase it on I-Tunes, which i feel is very cheap!!! Some Dope Singles that I lOve , "Addicted", "Diamond Girl", and "How its supposed to be".

February 22, 2009

Sunday Movie:Look Who's Talking Too

Hey Everyone, sorry im posting this soooo late!!! ;-)

Today's Sunday Movie is Look Who's Talking Too. This has got to be one of my many favorite movies of all time. The original movie "Look Who's Talking" was so funny, i'm sure they most def! wanted to make a sequel. If you haven't seen "Look Who's Talking", then you don't have too, prt.2 will catch u up a bit. Look Who's Talking Too, is about a mother of one, finds out she is pregnant once again, and already her lil boy is becoming a bit jealous, and tries to take baby julie out of the picture. This movie is so cute and funny, so i'll leave it up to you to watch it. The movie stars John Travolta, Kristie Alley, Roseanne Bar, Bruce Willis, and Damon Wayans. This is film is greatly directed by Amy Heckerling. Here is a movie clip:

February 15, 2009

Hot Celebrity Style

Dawn Richard, is this weeks Hot Celebrity Style!!!
I love how she just put a phenomanel Polka Dot Top, with a Pair of High Waisted Pants.
She didnt over extend the polka dot look, she also added her own nail color polish to the fixture, which i felt it was quite unique' and fashion forward, it gave her a bold look. Dawn's makeup is flawless, and the hair is giving us drools ;-) OvErAll I would say Dawn wore the outfit right in my cataloge! <3 You Dawn THANKS FOR BEING THIS WEEKS HOTTEST CELEBRITY STYLE :-)

Adrienne Bailon New Solo Music

So I was very interested for the soundtrack for the new movie "Confessions Of A Shopaholic". I was browsing the song list until i came upon one of my favorite singers, and she had two solo songs on the album. I was ecstatic! Her name is Adrienne Bailon, shes known for being in the trio group 3LW, then the band disbanded, because differences with another bandmate Naturi Naughton(NOTORIOUS MOVIE). Adrienne along with remaning bandmate Kiely Williams went to Disney Channel to form The Cheetah Girls, along with Sabrina Bryan and Raven-Symone. Raven-Symone then went seperate ways with the group for bigger and better ventures. The Cheetah Girls are now a Recording Music Act, with a Recording contract, who sells millions all over the world. The Songs your about to hear from Adrienne is a fast paced, uptempo song couldve been used in the movie "Sex and The City", entitled "Big Spender", Adrienne has great vocals on this song, the other song is a ballad entitled "Uncontrollable". I hope you get to see the movie or buy the album "Confessions Of A Shopaholic" I havent seen the movie yet, but im soon to get the soundtrack. Enjoy

Sunday Movie:Lean On Me

Today's Sunday Movie is one of the best old school movies to date. Its starring Morgan Freeman, and its called "Lean On Me". It is based on a true story, about a high school that was once good, but as the years progressed into the early/late 80's it became the worst High School in New Jersey. Morgan Freeman, who plays Mr.Joe Clark, he tries to change the school but he finds it very hard, because some of the kids, and school board committee doesnt approve of the changes, he is making to make the school back number one in the state. Heres a clip from the movie where things get very tensional, I hope you watch it. :-) Morgan Freeman is a great African American Actor, and I admire his work, in suspense films.

February 12, 2009

Looking For A Band Nation Wide Search!!!!

Hell Everybody from Myspace,Youtube,Facebook,and my fellow bloggers from LatroyWatson.blogspot.comI am doing this video to informeverybody that i am doing a nation wide searchfor a band. YES everybody a band!!!! as all of you know i want to become a singerand i dont want to enter the music businessjust singing behind a music tracki want the audience to fell the musicand hear the live instruments and talented vocals the band gives. I am looking for a Guatarist,Keyboardist,Drummer,And about 3 background singers Male and female!!! People with great talent, and has always wantedto be in a band with great style and acoustics.You can contact me by emailing me at my direct emailJadoreLaTroy@Gmail.com I Will get back to you Directly soon, or you can message me onFacebook,Myspace,My Youtube Channel, just type in LaTroy Watson, or my blogsite. Tell everyone you know, pass the word aroundif your ready to be in a live band, let me know..LETS GO OUT AND SHOW THAT REAL MUSIC IS STILL Alive. Hope too hear from you TAKE CARE AND HAVE MANY SUNNY DAYS AND STARRY NIGHTS

February 9, 2009


Wow, all i have to say is Grammy 09, was brilliant. It brought out the best in the Industry from , Whitney Houston,Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Duffy, U2, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood,Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole, M.I.A. and many more. My best outstanding moment was when Jennifer Hudson Won The Best R&B Album of the Year. Out of everything she's been through the past 4months, she still had the courage, to go up on stage in front of thousands of people, accept her award, also she performed, so I think thats' a stong woman.
Them "Swagga Boyz" killed the show, also giving a big ups to 9month Pregnant M.I.A, who was due at any time. Lil Wayne lookd so good last night, also Kanye, T.I ,and Jay Z. It was a very proud and outstanding moment when Lil Wayne, won the best Rap Album of the Year. If you didnt watch it or TiVo it, then you missed the best show on Sunday Television haha. I enjoyed all the performances, Katy Perry tickled my fancy..haha, she performed her Hit single "I Kissed A Girl", it was amazing, to have a stage full of fruity fruits. I enjoyed Kanye West, and Estelle performing "American Boy" I love that song.
For More Info on the Grammys you can visit
Here are some pictures from last nights festivites :-)

February 8, 2009

Whitney Houston's BACK!!!!!

So I am a huge fan of Whitney Houston, her music is phenominal. I always knew once she left Bobby Brown, she was going to come thrill us(the fans,public,family,media, and friends) with her high loving soothing vocals of all time. Whitney is one of the best soulful singers to date alive!!! Here she is singing at Clive Davis's Pre-Grammy Party. Enjoy :-) Tell me what do you think of This Performance?


The Sunday Movie This Month Is Going To Be Sooooo Special, due to the month being Black History Month. I am an African-American, and I am proud, of what my fellow African-Americans did to contribute,and to make equal in the United States. Many of the African-American Pioneers, were great inventors,citizens that experienced slavery, and people who excelled in school and beyond to become great Lawyers,Doctors,Judges, and so forth.

Today's Sunday Movie is one of my favorite Black History Movies, it is "Ruby Bridges". This movie is about a very smart young African American girl from Little Rock, Arkansas, I would say about in the 1960's, who came from a low poverty, African-American town. Ruby was very smart in her school, the township considered her acceptable to attend a more higher learning school, which was an all Caucasion school. Back in the 1960's there was a big fuss, about interracial schooling, between the blacks and whites. Ruby goes through alot of ordeals just to become an equal person in the school. Im trying not to give much away, but heres a look at the trailer. :-) Enjoy! This Phenomal Movie Casts; Chaz Monet,Penelope Ann Miller,Kevin Pollak,Michael Beach, and Lela Rochon.

February 6, 2009


okay, for those of you who don't know about me...i am very very very into my technology!!!! i cant live w/o my ipod,cell phone, or laptop <3
Well the worst has happen, i will be phoneless until somebody gives me $240 for my past two monthly bills. :'( Oh NOO i Cant Do It...i dont get paid again till the 21st, this cant be real!!! really cant!!!
i just wanted to let you all kno!!! i will be in deep depression for the next couple of days ...
What can i do with my life to survive for the weekend?
Well I StiLl HAVe AIm!!! THATS GoOD!!! :-)
Still Sad though i love my blackberry curve!!!
How Do You Feel When You Loose One Of Your Most Favorite Possessions?

February 5, 2009

Celebrity Beef:Pop Stars vs. Divas Oh No!!!

As you all know, I'm not a celebrity gossiper, but I have read two top headlines that I find is such hysterical,and yet amusing.I was watching channel 7's "The View",Hot Topics segment was on:Celebrity Beef, and the winners are:Beyonce Knowles Vs. Etta James & Hilary Duff Vs. Faye Dunaway. Most of you have heard these celebrities before, and some of you might have not. To up to par you Dolls, Etta James is an all time favorite R&B Blues Singer, whose career went from Rocket to Ground, you can see her bio in the movie "Cadillac Records",shes most famously for her song "At Last". Faye Dunaway, shes a more all time famous Actress, from the 50s+till now :-D, shes most famous for her Leading role in "Mommie Dearest" a movie truly based on Christina Crawfords' mother's rise and fall of Joan Crawford. Also Dunaway is known for her outstanding performance in the Original Movie "Bonnie & Clyde".

Of Course, you all know Beyonce Knowles,the greatest r&b pop singer,known from TOP POP group Destiny's Child. Hilary Duff, shes known from her younger childhood years on the Disney Channel playing "Lizzie McGuire", and "Agent Cody Banks". The Fued between Beyonce and Etta James, all start back to the Inauguration Ball 2009, where Beyonce Knowles was choosen to perform for the first dance of Preisdent Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Beyonce sang Etta James's Classic "At Last". If you missed the performance you can go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyU3Rqo3CNQ . NOw days later, Miss Etta James at a lil concert she had, on stage she stated "You guys know your president, right?" she asked the crowd. "The one with the big ears?" "He ain't my president. He might be yours..."that woman he had singing for him...she's gonna get her ass whipped. The great Beyonce...I can't stand Beyonce." Hmmm...Now I wonder why would she go and say a thing like that, after taking pictures with Beyonce and all. SMH!!!

The Hilary Duff and Faye Dunaway drama, starts off with word going around that Hilary Duff, was rumered to star as Bonnie in the 2009 remake of "Bonnie and Clyde". Heres what Miss Dunaway had to say about it; "Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?" and Hilary respond via this


February 3, 2009