April 26, 2009

Trouble in PussyDoll Land???

Now i dont mean to be a celebrity gossiper and bash the celebs like fellow bloggers,"Perez Hilton,TMZ,MTO, & quite others"quite do. But I came across this story and I felt this person had enough, and I'm very proud this young talented lady stood up and said something or at least hid the drama inbetween lines.

Hmm..as you all know, the greatest female pop act out now is "The Pussycat Dolls". I love the group but lately ever since thier 2nd album (Doll Domination) came out, i've been catching one person grabbing more of the media's eye. I wont say a name but you know who the person is, and the other girls were just in the back playing field. I have my favorite in the group and my favorite has alot of soul and to me can sing and dancer better than the rest of the girls, not to bring them down, because all of the girls have different unique voices and can dance thier ass's off. But I feel like my favorite has the full potential and she always strives hard to be the best she can, and has more desire than the rest of the girls. You'll get to know who my favorite is after watching this video.

The girl group, made up of singers Nicole Scherzinger, Melody Thorton, Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt, & Ashley Roberts, has released their last two singles "Jai Ho" and "Hush Hush" under the odd name "The Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger"

At Friday night's Phoenix show, 24-year-old Pussycat Doll member Melody Thorton vented her frustration regarding Nicole's preferential treatment to her hometown audience.

She said, "I want to give a shout out to my family. Thank you so much for supporting me, even though I’m not featured. You know what I’m saying?"
She added, "I feel like it’s our responsibility to say to all the little girls and boys in the house tonight that myself and Ashley Roberts are examples that you can do anything you want to do. Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t let anyone stomp on you, ever

Kim Kardashian Goes "Blonde"

Yes Everyone!!!! Kim K. Has Gone Dirty Blonde. I HAVE TO SAY I LOVE IT!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! IT LOOKS GOOD ON KIM!!! <3>

Who Wore It Better?

Who Wore This Dress Better; Keyshia Cole or Kim Kardashian?
I think im beginning to start a new every other celebrity/friend who wore it better segment.
It's just for fun, but I want to know your opionions.
In my opionion I think they both wore the dress brilliantly!!! I mean look at these two young ladies. They Brought the dress to success!!!! the shoes,hair,and accessories. Kim gave a lil shirt to cover up the girls, and Keyshia just let all out* Haha I Love Looking at celebrities wear the same outfit, it cute,flirty,fun.
You Might Be Up Here!!! ;-)


April 24, 2009

Just In Celebrity Style!!!!

Last night was the premiere of "OBSESSED" in NYC Metropolitan area, and the red carpet styles of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian look stunning. I love how Beyonce pulled off a short mini black dress with a long train, and the strapless corset top to go looks great!!!!, a girl can never go wrong with black heels, and the hair looks amazing. She didn't over do it, and she also didn't let it down!!! BEYONCE LOOKS FAB!!!!! Kim Kardashian looks 100 percent chic-rockstar!!!! I love her blue ensemble w/ the leather vest top and the satin bottom dress/skirt, with the black covered shoe!!!! Kim Looks like a million bucks young!!! haha love them all...take a peepsi!!! :-)

Obsessed Movie

Hey everyone, so today the Thriller new movie featuring Beyonce Knowles,Idris Elba, and Ali Larter comes out today. Are any of you planning to see it today? I Know me and my girls are going to most def catch it today. The Trailer looks very good. How Cute Does Beyonce and Ali Carter look in the fight scene? Heres the trailer:
Beyonce does a fantastic job in this movie taking on a serious role. :-)

Kourtney Kardashian Joins The Blogging Family!!!

Save the best for last is what this last Kardashian will say. haha Kourtney Kardashian Started Her Own Blog Recently like her fellow sister'bloggers , Kim, and Khloe Kardashian. I am so thrilled that Kourtney Kardashian has started to blog. She has the greatest style and personality ever. I can't wait to see what she posts time to time, i hope everyday. Now that everybody has a Blog from , Kim,Khloe,and Kourt, whose next Kris?? lol. Oh and to even Keep Up more with the Kardashians they now all have Tiwtter Accts. You can check out each of the Dash's Blogs. Welcome to the Blog World Kourt Doll, I wish you the best on your endeavours and the paths you choose to take in life. Live it up Doll, Happy Birthday Again Dolly Cakes <3>

April 23, 2009

Catching Up!!!

Hey Everyone, Sorry about the late absents!!!I've been working really krazy!!! I just found out that Beyonce is bringing her world tour over here in the US Of A At MSG this June, and I'm just working hard just so I can buy a ticket so I can get my I Am...Sasha Fierce on!!! Haha

Also I have been such a slack in the working out regime' I'm just getting fat and losing weight on and off!!! Ugh I hate my body!!!

I really don't know my shcudle for nxt week!!! This isn't good for me because I like need to plan some things!

As of right this moment the music that I'm currently loving is a throwback"Teairra Mari's Fisrt Album" Yessss!!! I live for the album with the hits of "Make Her Feel Good" and "No Daddy". She's coming back out or she is back out with a summer bang "Hunt 4 You" feat. Pleasure P(from Pretty Ricky). Check her new single out!!! Hott

Take Care Dolls and Gents*
Since now I cam post from my Blackberry* I will try to stay frequent! :)
Checking in with you biiiotchesz* :-) Have a Happy Late Earth Day!!!! Stop Littering Litter Bugs haha

April 17, 2009

I'm iin the car w/ tammy nd the homies ridin n theee beamer btchz!!!! Haha

April 16, 2009

Best Hot97 Angie Martinez Interview Ever!!!

Hey Everyone, So I was on "Twitter" when the sensational Angie Martinez posted a link on her twitter a interview wayback earlier this year she did with a former Cheetah Girl "Adrienne Bailon" who you can also see on the hit Reality TV show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". It was till then another link was posted to where Angie had interviewed Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Must I say how cute was Khloe and Kourts interview. Take a look. :=)

April 15, 2009

You Got A Friend In Me

Hey everyone have you ever thought of a pen pal??? Well here is mines. His name is Jonathan. He's From Germany, and I believe 20 or 21 lol I forgot.He's real cool, and he's the type of penpal you'd wish for. We dont really talk to each other via mail, we im chat on Windows Live Messenger. Just thought I'd Let him now How much a special friend I have at stake here!!!! Hes Funny, He makes me laugh, and I respect him very much. His youtube videos are funny too, hes talented but he doest believe it!!! I believe it...Just wanted to Shout Out Jonathan!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! YOUR MY FRIEND AND We'll always be buddys!!!!

100th post!!!!

Whoooooo HOOOoo this is my 100th post...i'm feeling so good right now!!! is this tacky or what lol But just wanted to thank those who view my blog and comment, which i really dont recieve comments but its okay...i still will post and write, now that my BBC is up for blogging!!! whooo hooo easy way to blog right yall!!!! so i will post more often now. Thanks Everyone Showing Me LOve.

Today is such a rainy day, so I will rest rest rest because, i've havent gotten any good rest in a while. Ever since working back to back. It's raining also here in Jersey so i guess im going to take the time to do some spring cleaning once again later on, and also laundry!!! ugh!! i hate laundry what about you????

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

Hey Everybody Happy Easter!!! Whoooo Hooooo, I Love the Easter Holidays just because of one thing, and that is the BIG CHOCOLATE BUNNY!!!!!!! YUmmmy!!!! haha. Today I was suppose to go to Church, but I overslept and also non of my many friends wanted to go with me ;'(!!! sad but true!!!

The Rest of the day im going to chill with my family eat dinner, and enjoy my only day off!!! ugh!!! haha, okay so im going to really really relax, and get some laundry in!!!

I hope you have fun this Easter!!!

TAke Care Be Safe And Eat Them BunnYs!!!!!! whoop WhoOOP!!! haha :-)

April 8, 2009

Song I'm Rocking 2!!

So the song i've been bumping on my Ipod and everywhere I go, all I hear is Flo-Rida's You Spin Me Round. The song is actually a remake of an old artist "Dead Or Alive" You Spin Me Round is actually covered by other artists but I most like the versions of Flo-Rida and Jessica Simspon.
Flo-Rida has a video for the song, which i'll post right down at the bottom, but How Cute Is Flo's Body????? ;-)

Kim Kardashian's Workout DVD

How Cute is Kim Kardashian's New Workout DVD? Kim Kardashian has been working very hard the past couple of months to prepare her 2nd edition of her Workout DVD Series. Also working out with Kathy Kaehler her trainer from the first DVD is going to help coach her this 2nd time around. You can check out Kim's blogsite for more details on the Workout DVD, and view more pictures of the workout dvd. Enjoy!!!! Goo KIMMIE!!! <3

April 6, 2009

Crime In Newark

OMG!!! Today was a harsh day, on my way going home from work, my friends and I drove past a crime scene. Like nosey black people we got out to see what the ruckous was. The story said was that a guy had got shot 3x or 2x abdomen down, and there he was lying on the ground legs full of blood on the ground and im just shaking and cringing. I've never seen somebody get shot, before or any such crime of that essence.
So Much Crime in Newark, and it just seems to be getting only worse!!! I hope the guy is doing well and is alive, when i left the crime scene the people helping out the man who got shot were saying hang in there your not going to die, dont say that and all of this about to die words!!! omg!!! I can't fathom me in that perdicament...THANK GOD IM ALIVE!!! THANK GOD FOR A NEW DAY!!! NEVER TAKE LIFE FOR GRANTED!!! I APPRECIATE MY LIFE!!!!

April 5, 2009



Sunday Update!!!

Okay Bloggers, Whewwwwwwwww This Week Went Crazy For ME!!!. Okay, So You Know Monday, Ugh IDK Wat happened, but something had to happen..ha ha, um I went down to Maryland 2 visit the best friend, I also printed out my schedule and found out that I had a shift everyday this week coming up!!! arrrrgghhh SO not good too me but hey i need money bad!!!!!...ha ha.

-I'm' Kind of mad right now, at Donald Trump..via he just fired Khloe Kardashian on Celebrity Apprentice-because of her DUI she had back in "07" aka 2007. The termination didn't even have anything to do with her work performance in tonight's task. "is this a fuccing joke?" literally.

-TWITTER!!!!!!- Somebody Get ME OFF THAT Damn site ha ha, i cant stop twittering from my blackberry and just reading the side conversations Solange,Lala Vasquez, and Estelle Darlings have during the morning,noon,and night. I enjoy them though!!! haha, I don't have that many followers, but hey I love following others!!!

-Trying To Get MY Best Friend BriTANY To BLOG!!! SHES Saying IT Makes NO Sense but it really does...ugh brit get up on it honnnnnaaaayyyY!!! yesss!!!!!!!!!! ha ha love ya

-Abercrombie & Fitch fucked up when they put me and Sabrina Goodwin, on a shift together on schedule. Just wanted to vent that too you all!!! ha ha


-Uhm and just about it, i'll try to post back time to time this week, but i love you all thanks for following, and have many SUNNY DAYS AND STARRY NIGHTS!!!

-Also Dont SteAl from FYE!!! haha

April 3, 2009

UMES Princess Anne, Maryland

Yesterday, I Took a trip down to my Best Friends' School(College) w/ her mother to University Of Maryland Eastern Shore. We went because my best friend was on the Deans List for the fall of 2008, and the school decided to throw a big ceremony. It was a 4hour drive but me and my best friends mother kept it real fun!!! The weather there in Maryland is very hot,humid, and lil rainy, It's the South, the type of weather you would expect. The ceremony was quite lovely all though they didnt call my best friends name up on stage, because they only recognized the Seniors and not the underclassman.

We met up with her aunt,grandmother and two baby cousins, and sat out to go eat afterwards. We ate at this Brilliant Gorgeous All You Can Eat Buffet "Golden Corral" Yummy, they have the best food there. I wish they had one up here in the north. :'( Shall I add I adore her family as if they were my family. <3

After the luncheon, we went back to Campus, and Brit showed me around, shall I add, there are alot of cute boys there, and it's such a big campus the walking distance is like ugh* a workout. Haha Britany goes to a HBCU(Historical Black College Univeristy) so the majority of the students are African-American. I think its very good that there are HBCU's around the US Of A because it gives a place of belonging in the world to the African-Americans , and they know they can become a positive outforce in the world.

OMG!!! I have and will post this video of me and Britany trying to pump gas, well actually i've never pumped gas before, but the frist time Britany pumped her mothers' truck, she got gas all over her outfit. haha, not funny but HEY i'd get a kick out of that. Just watch the video and you will be surprised at what happened haha. Enjoy the pics and Video hope you comment* 8-)