September 23, 2009

Vocabulary-Wisdom Of Words

Me And My Best Friend Make Up Quotes, and Words Every Chance We Get. If You're Around Us Often You Might Pick Up On It. We Use It Very Often, And I Don't Think We Will Stop; We're Just Silly Like That. So Here Is A Bunch Of Words, And Quotes Im Sure You'D Pick Up And Use.

1) GMH- Got Me Hot
ex:When' Somebody Gets You Really Mad/Annoyed.

2) SMFH- Shaking My Fuccin Head

3) GMB- Got Me Blown
ex:When' Somebody Gets You Really Fired Up, Pressed Your Buttons To The Limit.

4) CTFU- Cracking The Fuck Up

5) CLOWN- Stupid/Idiot/A Big Joke. A Person Who is Humorous Without Intention, Therefore Is A Dumb Mothafucker.
ex: A Turtle Is Green, Not Brown CLOWN!

6) EXCUSE ME- Come Again/Recite What Was Said
ex:The Act Of Saying Something That Needs Serious Attention, Or Understanding.

7) YOU WILL NOT- Going Against What Was Commanded
ex:The Act Of Telling An Individual Not To Make A Big Mistake.

8) QUEEN-A Flamboyant Homosexual, Usually Male, Always Fabolous.

9) BUTCH-QUEEN- A Gay Male That Is Neither Extremely Feminine, Nor Extremely Masculine And Can Easily Portray Both Mannerisms.

10) I GUESS- Disdain for Something Or Someone
ex: Jenny: Actually, You're Not Invited. Sorry, But, Really, I Don't Want To Have Any Losers Like You At My Party. Jim (as she walks away): I Guess...

11) RUDE- The Act Of Showing Disrespect Towards Someone Or Something

12) HEY GIRL!- The Act Of Showing Phoney-ness Towards A Person You Just Talked About
ex: Oh That Girl Sleeps With Everybody I Don't Like Her, (girl walks up to say hello), You Say: HEY GIRL!

13) YES, NO,MAYBE???- The Act Of Asking Permission Or Agreement Of A Situation
ex: Can I Wear Your Red Eye Liner For Hollywood As The Cowardly Lion For Halloween? YES, NO, MAYBE???

14) LEARNT/LEARN- The Act Of Educating Someone On What Is Right And What Is Wrong In The Situation, How Things Are Going Accordingly

15) PULL YOU TO THE SIDE- The Act Of Having To Remove A Person From The Group To LEARN Them Of Thier Wrong Doings, Or Actions

16) JAWN- A Person/Group Of People Too Cool For Society. It Can Mean Anything, Like A Fine Girl/Guy, A Blunt, Really, It Can Be Used For Everything. It Basically Means "THING".

17) BOOJIE'- The Act Of Being Sadicity. From High Class, Wealthy, or Very Well To Do Background. Unknowingly, Unintentionally Snooby or Snooty.
ex: I Was Born In The Ghetto; But I Don't Go To Ghetto Functions.

Now You Can Take These Everyday Essentials And Put Them Into Your Own Vocabulary And Talk Like Us! PS. More On The Way...

September 22, 2009

Who Is Necole Bitchie???

Who is Necole Bitchie???

Well, to my knowledge Necole Bitchie is a known Entertainment Industry Blogger. Necole has been in the game since 2004, and she's just getting started. You can't compare her to Perez, MTO(MediaTakeOut), YBF(THEYOUNGBLACKFABOLOUS),or LoveBScott. Miss Bitchie has her own way of blogging the juicy details of what is happening in the Entertainment Industry today, in the words of Miss Bitchie herself she lives by her quote:

I absolutely love Necole Bitchie and her blog is my morning fix. I can't get enough of the way she views the Entertainment Industry and the juicy facts on Celebs we may not know about. Necole knows most of the celebrities she has come across and they show Necole support each and every step of the way. Other people may think Entertainment Blogs are garbage, because all people do is bash on celebs, make up false stories, or just sit and elaborate on their lives just so they can have something to writeabout.
MissBitchie doesn't give you that benefit of the doubt! Whatever facts she pulls in from industry insiders, she posts about them. They may not like it, but hey "IT IS WHAT IT IS" you did the crime now you pay with recognition whether its good publicity or bad publicity.

I haven't met Necole Bitchie, but i've seen her on Ustream with an R&B singer Teairra
Mari who did a live broadcast at a photo shoot with Atlanta's known photographer
"Derek Blanks". Necole happened to be with Teairra and took control of the Broadcast
Chat whileTeairra posed away. The Ustream chatters such as I asked Necole questions she answered but was too shy to be seen on camera. Miss Bitchie seemed down to earth,and joked around with the many of viewers that watched and typed away.
I respect NecoleBitchie more than I respect other bloggers out there, no offesne to
the other bloggers, I love you all but Necole gives me this driving force not to stop and
to exceed more. Necole's blog is always updated, not with just one post a day; but
many to have you in your seat at work or on your phone just to see what the Celebrity
News is.Necole blogs about any and everything, she keeps no holds barred.
In my eyes Necole has really just started, she maybe known to the industry people,
but I feel this dashing blogger deserves recognition on television,radio and throughout
mainstream media. Also if you are on Twitter I suggest you Follow Miss Bitchie
to see what she's really all about! Necole Bitchie's Twitter @NecoleBitchie

September 21, 2009

Music Monday: Kim Zolciak-"Don't Be Tardy For The Party"

Today's Music Monday Happens To Be Kim Zolciak From "THE HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA" New Dance Single "DONT BE TARDY FOR THE PARTY". From What I Know,ViA The Show, Kim And Dallas Austin Wrote The Song Together And Then Castmate Kandi Burruss Along With Her Camp Of Producers , Re-Did The Song That Was Originally Slated To Be A Country Song, Into A Pop-Mainstream Phenom.Here It Is:What Is Your Feedback? Do You Think Kim Zolciak Is A True Singer? Or Does She Just Want Attention?

Twitter...Are You Following Me???

Hey Everybody, So My New Addict This Year Has To Be Twitter!!!! Im So Addicted How Bout You??? If You Don't Know What Twitter Is, I Suggest You Get An Account* My Friends And I Tweet About Anything And Nothing* LOL. I Also Enjoy Reading The Celebrity Tweets And The Drama That Goes On Between Them! That Is My Twitter Fix ;-3) Before My Phone Was Off, I Would Tweet From My Blackberry Via Ubertwitter An App That Is Downloaded On The Mobile Device To Tweet On The Go. Now With Everyone On The Twitter Crave And Addiction, There Is A Twitter App For Just About Every Mobile Phone* I Personally Think The iPhone and The Blackberry's Have The Best Twitter Apps* Do You Like Twitter? If You Don't Have Twitter, What Will You Tweet About? Are You Following Me?

@JadoreLaTroy <<--FOLLOW ME*

Introducing:Maria Blonde' B

I Thought I'd Switch Things Up A Bit And Make This Post A Dope-Swagger-Stylicious Post*

You May Ask Who Is This Girl;* Well I've Seen Her A Couple Of Times At Recent Mutual Friends Parties/Get Togethers. Shall I Always Add She Is Never Caught Busted! She Always Brought Life To The Parties With Her Outfit And Her Socialite Persona* Her Name Is ...Maria Blonde' B ...I Must Say I Live For Her Style, Its Cute,Young,Celeb-like, Couture, & Classy.* It Seems To Me Maria Sets Her Own Trend & Doesn't Follow Them! Needless To Say #inmyhood Most Of The Girls are #ForcedSwagg To Try To Outdo The Latest Trends*

I Recently Have Gotten Introduced By My Best Friend To Her. Miss Blonde' B Is The Kind Of Gal I Thought She Would Turn Out To Be: Sweet,Nice,Funny, Down To Earth* We Recently Chatted It Up Via FACEBOOK, & I Told Her I Was Going To Post About Her Style. The Fashion World Better Watch Out, This Young Doll Is Here To Take The Thrown!!! Go B' DOLL <3>

September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday:BEYONCE!!!

Today marks Singer/Actress/Entertainer/Icon/Fashionista Beyonce Knowles Carter 28Th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday To My Favorite Singer In The Whole Wide World: Beyonce Giselle Knowles. The Beautiful Virgo Turns 28 Today. I Wonder How She Is Going To Celebrate Her Birthday. She Is Still On Tour Right Now Supporting Her Double Platinum Album "I Am...Sasha Fierce" So Beyonce When You Read This Happy Birthday Doll <3>

Everybody It's Time To Pull Out Your B'Day Albums And Rock Hard To Beyonce's Extraordinary Voice*

I'm Back!!!

Sorry I've taken the time out not to update you all, but im back!!!
I'm going to dearly try to take the time out of my day to blog
when I get the chance. I have alot to tell you all, alot has happened to me
in the events while I was away.

Any Dandy How Was Your Summer?....You Ask Mines?? Well It Couldnt've been much better. The Summer went by oh'so'fast; but had the time of my life. I spent it with my best friend mostly and workn however; I finally got the axe working for Abercrombie & Fitch. My Fitch days are over finally. I feel like it wasn't a bad ending it was just only the beginning of my life.
A good ol' wise bird told me "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON" so I stick with that qoute everywhere I go.

Im currently getting back into my school regime! YeS! FINALLY. The downfall is i'm going to need these 4yrs to hurry up in a flash. I currently want to start working in my profession which is Communications/Public Relations. I plan to work for Lizzie Grubman Public Relations: one of the biggest Entertainment PR Firms in New York City.

Also to add i've been addicted to twitter non-stop!!! Im such a twitter hobbit; that i'll tweet just about anything, just so I can say I tweeted today!!!'s funny because i've told myself i would never get one of those twitter accounts and now look at me. lol You can follow me @JadoreLaTroy....FOLLW ME YOU PEOPLE!!! JUST TWEET ME A MSG SAYING BLOGSPOT SO I KNOW ITS YOU AND I CAN FOLLOW YOU BACK!!! :-)

Ookay So Im Still trying to figure out what i will be talking about on my blog,* still i will be posting my party life and my life, but i want to make my blog more interesting* so if you have any ideas hit me with a comment and i'll be sure to input your idea on my Blog Idea list* Thank You Very Much* haha this sounds like a comeback*