June 24, 2010

Dogs And Obedience

Ever wondered what your patience level is? Well, in reference to a dog think of it as three crying newborns. Now do you have patience? Dogs are are blank when you first meet them. Dogs only go by what they want to do when and however they please. I own a black and white Shih Tzu by the name of Tokyo. Tokyo's a 2 and a half year old girl. I first got her when she was 6-months. Training and Obedience to me, Thank God wasn't that bad. It is said it is best to train your dog when they are puppies. Overall, Tokyo did give me a hard time while teaching her to sit, stay, and come when called upon. My reason for this blog is to figure out the mind of dogs and why they only have a mind of their own. Training a dog isn't always peaches and cream as you see on television. There is a lot of hard work, dedication and PATIENCE that goes into training your dog to be obedient. Well, here's what I'm wondering about my dog. Most of the time when Tokyo sees me with her leash she knows its time for a walk. Now, on the other hand when I'm away and I leave my mother to tend to Tokyo, she doesn't listen to my mother nor does she come to her at command. Is it because my dog was so attached to me teaching her commands or is it because my mother doesn't put enough bass in her voice for Tokyo to listen? lol. I tried telling my mother to bribe her with lil snacks each step Tokyo takes towards her when she calls, but then that'll only make Tokyo think she has to have a treat to come when called. HELP ME OUT!!! What do you think?