June 23, 2010

F A S H I O N: 21MEN

One of my down time things I enjoy doing is shopping online. My favorite store to shop at online is 21MEN, which is the male version of Forever21. I absolutely love the diversity of clothing the company produces for men. Their clothes are sheik, casual, urban, couture and STUNN'N!. Check out the styles after the jump. =)
 The summer time is here and I'm beginning to look for new looks to try and play with. Thank GOD the site gives you about 5/6 looks to try and buy or you can just pick the article of clothing you want and just purchase them. Right now, I'm really into Cardigans, & Slim Fitted Jeans. I'm still undecided on what kind of shirts I'm going to start wearing, but I'm in lust with Short Sleeve Henley's. The prices are affordable and they always have great sales. Check out the site and SHOP SHOP SHOP! =)