June 28, 2010


Yesterday, I had the thrill walking in the GAY PARADE out in NEW YORK CITY for a special cause. The cause was to stop AIDS/HIV with the leading group of GMHC(Gay Men's Health Clinic) & Whole Foods Market. A lot of people showed their support for the Gays, Lesbians, and Trans-Genders. It was my first time ever going to Gay Pride and I loved every minute of it. To also walk in the parade was awesome, I've never seen so many gay guys dressed in no clothing in my life lol. I went to the parade with my best friend Britany, her mother, a close friend to their family, and my best friend's auxiliary sisters "The SweetHearts". I have tons of pics I'm going to share and also there's a video on the way. I'm very proud to be a Gay-American and I feel it is important to get tested and know what our status are and always practice 100% SAFE SEX. USE CONDOMS PEOPLE!!! Either way with or without it, it's still sex! GET TESTED! Also, in one of these pics you may see a famous face. Hint: A New York Housewife =)