July 9, 2010

Guilty Pleasure[S]

As of lately my eating skills has gone down hill. I've been pigging out all this week and it must come to a complete stop! My guilty pleasure this week has been Pizza & Powdered Donuts (Hostess). I thought I could control the cravings but Carbs has and will always be my weakness. It's also rare I eat donuts unless they're from Dunkin Donuts but, my GOD! the powdered mini donuts Hostess makes are unbelievable delish!. This weekend I think the reason of me pigging out was due to the fact of 4th of July. When holidays come around especially during the summer you know a lot of folks Bar-B-Cue. Come next week I'm going to be back on my workout routine and eating healthy. What are some of your guilty pleasures and how do you try to avoid them?