July 20, 2010

How To Become A Good Flirt!

Every guy and girl should know when to pull out their good Flirt Card! There are some who aren't that well in flirting and there are some that do not know how to flirt at all. Well for those of you who aren't flirters and want to start, have no fear for I am going to teach you my steps on becoming a Good Potential Flirt!. If you follow these instructions carefully you'll have that guy/girl eating out of the palm of your hand. A little about me, I'm pretty much a BIG FLIRT and i'm know when to turn the switch on and off. It's hard for my peers to tell, but if the person i'm flirting with is flirting back then the rest is HISTORY. Down below are some 10 ways of becoming a flirt.

1. Dress to Impress
2. Eye Contact is KEY!
3. Always Ask Questions About Relationships
4. Smiling & Laughing(Only To A Certain Extent)
5. Touching (Such As Play Hitting If Your A Girl Though)
6. Always try to play cupid
7. Act like you don't need to be in a relationship
8. Talk about how good you are in relationships.(Don't talk about how bad you were hurt)
9. Text Things Like Smiley Faces Or Love Quotes (Make Them Think Its A FWD MSG)
10. HAVE FUN!!! Don't Take Yourself Too Serious! Being A GOOD FLIRT Means Being Yourself Don't Overdue Yourself Though, Always SET BOUNDARIES

And Here Are My Top 10 Tips On How To Become A GREAT FLIRT!
If you need anymore help email me at: JadoreLaTroy@Gmail.com
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Thank You. Good Luck.