July 2, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Look Alike?

No not really a look-a-like, but this is Kim K's Madame Tussauds Wax Figure. Kim Kardashian premiered it yesterday morning at the museum in New York City. The bootylicious celeb-reality turned entrepreneur gave hints on her blog Hint #1 &Hint #2 but didn't reveal what the whole get up was about until days later Hints Revealed. I've been waiting for this day since 2007 I believe, but I'm not so happy with the finished product. Yes! It's true, I am a die hard Kim Kardashian fan but, I feel the creators could've made Kim K look more realistically like her. My problems I have with the figure are: 1. Skinnier than usual 2. Breast are entirely too big
3. They didn't give her much junk in the trunk 4. The hair just looks wiggy to me 5. They should've given her a more comfortable outfit
Being a fan of Madame Tussuads and it's figures, I strongly believe Kim's wax figure was an awesome idea, somehow this seemed like a rushed job.
Here are some more of the pictures below. How do you feel about them?
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