July 7, 2010

My Percentage On Male Circumcision

 A close friend of mine(won't say her name, but she's a doll) and I were talking yesterday on the subject matter of men and circumcision. Well, being as comfortable about sex and well you can quite call me experienced I've given her my percentile on men of different ethnicities and their their circumcised stance. I'm not saying this is accurate, but through my experience on talking to guys and asking questions I came up with this conclusion. If you think I'm correct let me know, if you think I'm incorrect please state your percentages. Here's the statement I made to my friend about men who are circumcised after the jump.
"Like black men are like 90% Circumcised , White Guys Are 70% Circumcised , Carribeans(Jamaicans,Trinidadians,Guyanese,Africans,etc.) Are About 35% Circumcised , Hispanics are about 65% Percent Circumcised , Asians (I really don't put them in the category but most of them are circumcised but they have PENISES not DICKS) :D."

No offense to all the guys out there who don't have their penises circumcised, but however, I feel it is very important that you do get circumcised to prevent bacterial diseases and infections. That piece of information is given by Doctors, so I wasn't making any of it up. Whatever you decided to do though always practice safe sex, no matter if the guy is circumcised or uncircumcised always put on a condom, unless you have known your partner for a while and you both have gotten tested. If you are uncircumcised please clean throughly!