July 12, 2010

Oily Skin Problems?

Are you stuck with oily skin like me? 
For  a while now ever since puberty I believe, I've been stuck with the worse curse ever; Oily Skin! My face gets oily and greasy looking, it's like I have to walk around with 150 facial cleanser napkins. I have the type of oily skin where I would step out into a sunny area and 5 minutes later my nose is either shiny or my forehead glistens like the moon lol.  Im not exaggerating whatsoever. My face is really calling for some special attention!  I've been trying some of the known good brand products such as Nivea, Clearasil, Neutragena, & Aveeno face product to help reduce the shiny face curse known as Oily Skin. However, none of these products does it work on my face, it works for that hour or 2 but holding through the day is a negative. I was wondering if any of you guys & dolls know any good products I can use to really help reduce my Rudolph the shiny nose, forehead from olive oil, and cheeks that makes my phone greasy? I would really appreciate it. I can't have my face feeling like its about to rain all the time lol. PS. I read online people with oily skin aren't supposed to wash their face a lot. What do you think? Any products you use? What's your skin type?