November 22, 2010

Baldwin Hills

This weekend I have fufilled my fix by watching one of my favorite reality shows ever; "Baldwin Hills". "Baldwin Hills" was a reality based tv show on BET following several teens whose parent's were wealthy and some were not. "Baldwin Hills" is a city out in California, I would say a heavy population of the African-American culture. BET took the show of the air for some wrong reason, but it needs to come back on air. I enjoyed watching people of my kind and seeing what life is like for them over on the other side of the United States. However, I do have my favorites from the show but I will not care to share lol. I might be judged lol. Let's just say I love the person everyone loves to hate. Can you figure it out? Well you can watch episodes of Baldwin Hills on Bet.Com just like I did over the weekend. All of season 2 & 3 are up for viewing. With season 1, the only videos available are the classic clips of certain episodes that were highlights. So get up off your lazy boy and head to Bet.Com/BaldwinHills Enjoy :0)