November 30, 2010

How Much Game Do You Have?

Seriously, it sucks to see what my girlfriends go through when we go out and guys approach them. The guys now a days have no game towards these ladies. It's like where do you come up with almost everything that comes out your mouth? I've heard a lot of crazy, funny, and sad push up statements. I hang with a lot of girls and they tell me everything. I kind of know what girls want to hear and what they don't want to hear. It just kills them when a guy out of nowhere calls them by their skin complexion, baby, sexy and the worst MA'. First off fellas, these girls your trying to talk to didn't birth you, second, since when did the color of one's skin gave them their name? Guys usually get all into their feelings when a girl rejects them and therefore calling them a BITCH. Fella's i'm not bashing you but you really have to come harder in this lifetime. I can give you this one TIP; start by being a friend first to the girl you are trying to pursue, girls do not want to just jump into a relationship with a guy they just met. Be a gentleman towards the females, stop staring dead in her face or even worse looking at her ASS. I never knew a female was known of her personality from looking at her behind.

Overall, guys, let's not use hand written notes, social networks, text messaging and friends to ask a girl out on a date, or tell them that you are in like with them. I feel if you really are feeling a person why are you using a secondary source to explain how you feel? Your secondary source doesn't know how you really feel about a girl except for yourself; so speak up/use words. Stop the pick up lines and stop being a jerk when approaching a female. Remember first impression always counts! Read after the jump for the BIG QUESTION!
What was your worst pickup line you ever used or heard?