November 22, 2010

PINK FRIDAY- Nicki Minaj

If you haven't is #PINKFRIDAY HOE! Today marks the biggest day of female rapper Nicki Minaj's life. Her debut album "PINK FRIDAY" is out in stores now. I must admit, I was never a big fan of Nicki Minaj when the bees were buzzing about her hardcore rapping/freestyle.

 I never knew who Nicki Minaj was, where she came from and who she was signed with. Nicki Minaj is from Queens, New York, born Onika Maraj grew up in the tough streets, with her mother and father (whom on her mixtapes & album talks about their troubles) and went to one of New York City's greatest performing arts school "LaGuardia Performing Arts School".  I read up on Nicki Minaj and how she would freestyle rap with some of her friends on corners and where ever people would listen. Nicki Minaj then ended up on a mixtape dvd and it somehow got in the hands of fame rapper Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne then called for Nicki Minaj and the next thing you know she was signed to his major record label "Young Money Records".The journey Nicki Minaj took to get to this day of releasing a debut album to the world wasn't a easy one. When she started working on her debut album about a year ago, songs were leaked then forcing Nicki to revamp to the studio and create tons of great material.

Nicki Minaj likes to call herself the "Harakjuku Barbie" and calls her fans Barbz & Ken. The reason I started to like Nicki Minaj was because of all the tracks she was on with some of my biggest and favorite music artist of all time. Nicki Minaj is known now for her crazy antics and changing of accents she does at any point of time. It's cute sometimes, but other times i'm like okay Nicki lol!  Anywho, I'm proud to be a Nicki Minaj. I guess I wasn't so into Nicki Minaj because I felt she was getting too cocky in the game and trying to overthrown some of my female rappers. What I learned is the entertainment business builds you up to be cocky and respected. Nicki was only staying true to herself and releasing good music and blessing people on their tracks.  I respect Nicki Minaj a lot and I'm proud that she can now share her incredible music with the world. Congrats Nicki Minaj! #PINKFRIDAY HOE! For My Album Review Read After The Jump...The album from me gets 5 Full Stars! The Album is off the hook. The beats and lyrics to each song is different and dope. I am in love with this album for a long time. Here's the tracklist and make sure you download or buy #PINKFRIDAY anywhere you can. Support Good Artist!

1. "I'm the Best"
2. "Roman's Revenge" (featuring Eminem)
3. "Did It On'em"
4. "Right Thru Me"
5. "Fly" (featuring Rihanna)
6. "Save Me"
7. "Moment 4 Life"
8. "Check It Out" (with
9. "Blazin'" (featuring Kanye West)
10. "Here I Am"
11. "Dear Old Nicki"
12. "Your Love"
13. "Last Chance"
14. "Super Bass"
15. "Blow Ya Mind"
16. "Muny"
17. "Girls Fall Like Dominoes"