December 13, 2010


These emotional and crazy feeling inside your body that is nerve wrecking is called a CRUSH. Don't you just hate them? Sometimes they can be a GIFT and other times they can be a CURSE. To me a CRUSH is a CURSE. I won't say why, but let's just say when I Crush I Crush hard, and I seem to let my heart get the best of it, therefore it ends up getting broken. I mean a CRUSH is supposed to be something small right? Well, not if you see the person you like mostly everyday and you two have a short mutual conversation. I can tell you having a social networking site makes it even worse. It's like you can't get off that person's page or scrolling through their pictures.

You know what else really sucks, when you find out your crush is in a relationship or you find out a friend was already trying to get to know him/her. There are only a few people who know why my Crushes always end up in heartbreak. I refuse to tell you why until further notice. I can go on and on about Crushes. I rather let you think about it and evaluate whether or not you Crush hard or Crushes are just a little heart teaser to your flirtation. 

Dear Crush, 
Why Do You Do The Things You Do? 

a confused heart. :-(