December 16, 2010

Disney World & Universal Studios

Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
Universal Studios, Orlando, FL

I just couldn't wait to post about Walt Disney World & Universal Studios. I haven't been back since 2001. I had such a blast when I went with my family, even though I hardly got on any rides. It's sad that we only got to visit Walt Disney World's "Magic Kingdom" for one day. We were mostly down in Orlando, to visit "Universal Studios".  I can't remember what rides I went on at "Magic Kingdom" but for sure I know I rode the "Alice in Wonderland" Teacups. Walt Disney World is such a beautiful and brilliant place to be. I don't care what age you are, as soon as you step foot on the Disney ground you feel like a kid again. When we visited "Universal Studios", I probably got on about  a total of 4 amusement rides. The rides I got on was "Men In Black", "E.T.", "Jaws" and haha, okay maybe it was 3 rides. I'm such a big punk when it comes to thrill rides. If I don't know what's going to happen then i'm not going on. 

Have you ever been to Disney World & Universal Studios? How was your experience and what rides did you get on? Let me know. :-)