December 27, 2010

Homicidal Infatuation

HaHa, no everyone I'm not becoming a serial killer. I'm just infatuated with E!'s television program "E! Investigates", it's a show about sick, psycho & deranged people who kill for no reasonable cause. I've mostly been watching "Young Kids Who Kill" & "Rich Kids Who Kill". If you were to see and hear some of the stories they bring up, i'm most certain you're body will cringe throughout the whole program. I find it funny how I enjoy watching Homicidal programs on E! but I refuse to watch any "Law & Order" series. Maybe E! gives it a more dramatic feel lol. People Do Not Judge Me For This Obsession! I Have No Strong Bone In My Body, That Will Kill Anything Or Anyone! Am I The Only One Obsessed With These Horrifying Stories?