December 8, 2010

Jersey Shore's Biggest Fan!

I love being a "Jersey Shore" fan, but I've always thought the major fans are the ones who actually down at the shore. Well, boy was I wrong! This year, I've met the biggest "Jersey Shore" fan ever. Her name is Ashley Colletti, to me shes my Ash Doll <3. We met in our Math class and clicked pretty good. I love her personality and her spunk, she is the girl version of me, you all will love her as much as I do. Back to her being a big fan, last Monday, we were siting in our college's cafe' with other friends and out of nowhere she talked about how much of a Jersey Shore fan she was. When Ash talks about "Jersey Shore" her eyes light up like no other, and it's too funny lol! Ashley over the summer was lucky enough with her boyfriend to see MTV film "Jersey Shore" season 3 down at New Jersey's infamous beach getaway "Seaside Heights".  Ashley also a lot of pics of the cast and the store the cast worked at over the summer. I wish I could show you the pictures, hmmm or maybe Ash will willingly send me the pics and I'll put them up! lol. Ash today, had the cutest shirt ever. It was the #TeamSnooki shirt! I died when I saw it and she demanded I take a picture lol. I swear I love my new found friend Ashley, she has made my first fall semester a blast! ;-) I don't think I've met anyone so obsessed with the "Jersey Shore Cast" as her lol. Take a look at the full picture after the jump.