December 9, 2010

New Music: DJ Sick - We Run Radio Vol.1

The Christmas Holiday is here, but that doesn't mean you have to listen to Christmas music all this month. There's a new mixtape in town that Santa hasn't brought in, by another one of New Jersey's hottest up and coming DJ's. He goes by the name DJ Sick, and he is giving us his dope beats and popular mixed songs to rock out to this season. Tis' the season to get crunk'd right? lol. The good thing about this mixtape is that it's a free download. NO!, you don't have to pay anything. Righteously click the download link and you're good. I downloaded the mixtape and shall I say, DJ Sick really lives up to his name, his beats are S I C K! Do a favor and support the man. DJ's are the masterminds behind it all basically, give them some recognition and rock out this season!

Download Link Below
DJ Sick - We Run Radio Vol.1