December 15, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

I'm glad to introduce the new weekly post of my blog entitled "Wishful Wednesday". I decided that I wasn't so good at being a trainer or workout instructor and unfortunately it lead me into not having anymore workout routines. I decided to add some fun and imagination to my blog. I'm all about entertaining, so why not? "Wishful Wednesday" is a day in the middle of the week, where you can write whatever wish you want to come true. Now we are taught if we wish upon a star at night, come across 11:11, see a shooting star, or break apart a wishbone, that we automatically make a wish. Well here is what I have to say about it, all of those times to wish are good, but why can't we wish anytime during the day, year, month or second. I mean we all do wish out of nowhere but do we really mean it?

Here's how "Wishful Wednesday" works, I will write my wish for the day and as you comment you can write your wish for the day. It's nothing to answer in a big paragraph form, but its something you can actually read what other's wishes are and think upon yourself about it. After making our wishes, let's see if it comes true sooner or later in life. Hopefully "Wishful Wednesday" will have longevity on my blog. Read My Wish After The Jump.
I Wish The Economy Was Doing Well Enough, Where As It Will Be Easy For Those To Get A Job.