June 30, 2010

What Not To Do At Friday's Restaurant

Top 10 Songs On My IPOD

Want to know the top 10 songs on my IPOD? I'm gearing up for the summer parties and trying to learn all the words to the latest songs. The songs after the jump are my favorite songs I have on rotation all the time when I'm traveling around. Take a look at who made #1.

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June 25, 2010

Remembering: The King of Pop

Michael Jackson. R.I.P. G.O.A.T.Wish I Had The Chance To Meet You Or Go To One Of Your Shows That You Were Going To Have, Your Life Was Cut Too Short Too Soon. Your Music Inspires Me & Takes Me Places No One Has Ever Gone With Melodies & Words Of Wisdom. Your Still An Entertainer In This Lifetime, But Only To Make The Angels, Jesus, & God Happy. Forever A Fan, Until We Meet In Heaven, I Promise When I Become An Entertainer, I Will Always Sing One Of Your Songs At My Shows. =) Love, LaTroy

June 24, 2010

Dogs And Obedience

Ever wondered what your patience level is? Well, in reference to a dog think of it as three crying newborns. Now do you have patience? Dogs are are blank when you first meet them. Dogs only go by what they want to do when and however they please. I own a black and white Shih Tzu by the name of Tokyo. Tokyo's a 2 and a half year old girl. I first got her when she was 6-months. Training and Obedience to me, Thank God wasn't that bad. It is said it is best to train your dog when they are puppies. Overall, Tokyo did give me a hard time while teaching her to sit, stay, and come when called upon. My reason for this blog is to figure out the mind of dogs and why they only have a mind of their own. Training a dog isn't always peaches and cream as you see on television. There is a lot of hard work, dedication and PATIENCE that goes into training your dog to be obedient. Well, here's what I'm wondering about my dog. Most of the time when Tokyo sees me with her leash she knows its time for a walk. Now, on the other hand when I'm away and I leave my mother to tend to Tokyo, she doesn't listen to my mother nor does she come to her at command. Is it because my dog was so attached to me teaching her commands or is it because my mother doesn't put enough bass in her voice for Tokyo to listen? lol. I tried telling my mother to bribe her with lil snacks each step Tokyo takes towards her when she calls, but then that'll only make Tokyo think she has to have a treat to come when called. HELP ME OUT!!! What do you think?

Hottest Up And Coming DJ: DJ SHY

I live in New Jersey and apparently all the hot clubs and parties with the head banger DJ's are in New York. Well, here in Jersey we have some of the hottest DJ's of our own to get out Jersey parties poppin'. One of the hottest DJ's I know is one of my homies DJ Shy hailing from Irvington, New Jersey. Though, I have yet to attend one of the clubs/parties he DJ's at, I hear great reviews all over. DJ Shy from time to time also sets up Ustream live broadcasts where he DJ's FREE for the world to see and jam too. DJ Shy plays everything for everybody, different genre's and different mixes. Having DJ Shy as your DJ for your party, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get bored. One of my favorite music sets he does are the old school throwback 90's jams. This guy is non stop always busy, showing love everywhere and I admire his hard work to make it big in Jersey without a lunch break. DJ Shy shows true dedication to what he does and the outcome is always 100%. If you want him to DJ your party his rates are negotiable and affordable. You can contact DJ Shy through his Twitter, FaceBook and Myspace accounts:
1) @TheRealDJShy
2) DJ SHY Facebook
3) DJ SHY MySpace
Check After The Jump To View A Video Of DJ SHY Doing His Thing On The 1s & 2s

Christina Aguilera; BIONIC

Right now I'm totally obsessed with Christina Aguilera's fourth album "BIONIC". Christina has took an hiatus break from the music scene since her last album "Back To Basics" to settle down with her new family and husband. Christina's rich voice on the album just gives me goosebumps. This young star can hit notes out of nowhere. The album is more futuristic with a pop, electronic, hip-hop, soul element to it. Her first single off the album is entitled "Not Myself Tonight" with the second single, possibly forming a video for "WooHoo" feat. one of the hottest female MC's to date; Nicki Minaj. The songs I'm in love with on the album are:
1) Not Myself Tonight
2) WooHoo Feat. Nicki Minaj
3) Desnudate
4) Glam
5) Sex For Breakfast
6) Lift Me Up
7) I Am
If I had to rate the album, I would overall give the album a straight 5 stars. The album has everything for everybody so go out and buy the album on Itunes, Amazon, and Napster. Check Out The Video For "Not Myself Tonight" after the jump.

June 23, 2010

Britany's 21st Birthday =]

My BFF in the whole wide world recently celebrated her 21st Birthday. Her birthday was June 15, but that Monday before her birthday on the following Tuesday she decided to have a birthday dinner at Applebee's. Alot of her closest friends showed up as well as her Auxiliary Sisters and Fraternity Brother. Drinks were totally uncontrollable lol. I pretty much love this girl with all my heart and she's became such a close friend of mine we're like family. No one can replace my BFF! Check the jump from pics of the dinner. WHOOHOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITANY!!!! <3.

F A S H I O N: 21MEN

One of my down time things I enjoy doing is shopping online. My favorite store to shop at online is 21MEN, which is the male version of Forever21. I absolutely love the diversity of clothing the company produces for men. Their clothes are sheik, casual, urban, couture and STUNN'N!. Check out the styles after the jump. =)

June 3, 2010


Yes BaBy! So I Hear The Lakers Are In The Finals!!!! I'm So Happy! I've Never Really Payed Attention To Basketball Or Any Sport, But Call Me A BandWagon, Because Ever Since Khloe Kardashian Married NBA Laker's Star Lamar Odom, I've Been A Laker's Fan Forever! LOL. Let's Win This Lakers! Let's Do It! Focus Time! No Playing Games Except For Free Time! Tonight They Face Off The Celtics Again! Last Time It Wasn't A Pretty Site So Lets Win Win Win! If You Love The Lakers & Want Them To Win Hit Me With A Comment! Thanks;*

Summer's Almost Here

Hey Guys!

Im popping in and out of the blog reel aren't I? LOL. Well, I just wanted to let you know that summer's almost here. With the weather getting extremely humid and hot, I was wondering what are the things you do to keep protected from the sun and what sunblock works good?

It's important to be safe from the Sun's deadly radiation. Protecting yourself can prevent you from skin diseases and cancer. SO GO OUT THERE AND PROTECT YOUR SKIN!!!!

Troy Boy <3