July 30, 2010

Introducing Relationships By Britany Maritn

Everyone, I am proud to say my BFF Britany, is coming on my blog to write about Relationships. I've decided to take the Facts page off and incorporate something everyone deals with on a day to day basis. Relationships are always something everyone questions. Especially dating for the first time, sex, & when to say I Do. I may not have a lot of relationships in my life, but I know little advice I can give and it's very simple. My advice is nothing that will have you sleep thinking about your decision or what to do. This is why I invited Britany to talk about relationships; giving pointers, sharing stories, advice and what not to do's. I hope you all enjoy what she writes. Britany's really a key expert on relationships, she's had her ups & downs and is willing to pass on advice. Welcome To LaTroy W's World Brit! & Let's Show People What Relationships Are Really About! You Can Take A Look At The Relationship Column From My Home Page.
Or Click The Link Here : Britany's Relationship Column

Do You Know How To Pump Gas?

My Crib & G-Ride!!!

My Crib & G-Ride!!!

Ha Ha, so my BFF(Britany) was really bored in her class one day and decided to draw my "Castle & Car." How cute is my humble abode? Did you notice how PINK my car was? I think I've outdone Barbie if you ask me. What do you think about my best friend's drawing? Do you want her to design your future home? 

July 29, 2010

Legally Blonde: The Musical

Easy To Get Around My Blog Now!

Check Out The Menu Bar!!!

So, I am so happy, I got the chance to play around with Blogger. I added this new menu bar and added page links to my blogsite, to make it easy for everyone to get around and get to know me just a little bit better. You really can't see that much, but I added a About Me, Facts, Photos, Videos, Radio, Eye Candy, Vocabulary, Charity, Store, & Contact links. Each tab has something different inside.

About Me: Information about who I am, what I do, & what's my future will be like.

Facts: Tons & Tons of Facts about me that you never knew.

Photos: Pictures of me and my journeys.

Videos: Videos of my daily life, and adventures all over.

Radio: Some of my BlogTalkRadio clips will be posted.

Eye Candy: The hottest Eye Candy Guy & Girl of the week.

Vocabulary: A list of words me & my best friend use often.

Charity: A Charity Fund I am beginning and hope to make global.

Store: Things that I am selling, every dollar will go to my Charity.

Contact: Places where you can contact me.

Enjoy the new layout & site and let me know what you think about it...
Thank You For Veiwing And Commenting . I Appreciate You Taking Your Time Out To Read What I Have To Say.

July 28, 2010

Shoving Geese Down Your Throat???

Hey Guys! nope this is not a ThanksGiving post. One of my cousins hit me on BBM(BlackBerry Messenger) last night and informed me the news were talking about people who eat Geese(more than one Goose) on an everyday occasion. Thanks Jess, for the story. Okay, so I did my research the topic, and shall I inform myself and others I thought the thought of eating anything besides Chicken, Beef, & Pork was beyond disgusting, but to life it's normal. All types of people roast Goose for dinners, parties, and special occasions. Hey they sometimes replace them for the Turkey on ThanksGiving. Well, I don't think i'll ever eat it, killing one animal is just way too much. Wouldn't hurt to try it, but you'll have to mix it in my burger or spaghetti! Someday i'll try it though, it's not bad to become immune to different types of food out there. Hmmm, be your own food critic, try things out. What do you think about eating Geese as a meal? What will you eat it with? How will you cook it? 

Workout Wednesday: The Bicycle

Today's Workout Wednesday is the Bicycle exercising machine. If you ever have a day where the weather is getting in the way of your daily jog or run such as rain, snow, or it's just too cold, don't just stay in doors and do nothing. Make up for it by doing your jog or run by sitting down. The great machine to replace that jog and run is the Bicycle. The Bicycle is very easy to find, and you can find the best low price for one. The Bicycle targets every part of your body that running and jogging will do. You can watch TV, a Movie, or Listening to Music when cycling. Working out on the Bicycle will help you burn calories and shed  belly fat or those annoying love handles. I know I sound like a complete infomercial salesman, but in my house we own a Bicycle and I absolutely adore it. I rather the Bicycling than running outside, but sometimes you need to run or jog with fresh air around you or just seeing the view around your neighborhood. Approximate time you should spend on the Bicycle should be between 30-45 mins. It's not that hard, just work at your own pace! Do you like the Bicycle? Let Me Know...

July 27, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Old Fashioned Cupcakes

Today's Tasty Tuesday is focusing on desert. Everyone loves desert after a big evening meal. So, why not relax and dine in on some "Old Fashioned Cupcakes" The Food Network Channel provided on their website. I rarely have a greedy sweet tooth, but when I do it's always aiming for good ol' cupcakes. Right now I'm watching my weight and dieting so I won't be trying these cupcakes pretty much for a month or two. I enjoy eating the already powdered cupcakes in a box, but you have to admit, there's nothing like good ol' homemade baked sweets. I choose the cupcakes because I though you'd might love them too and want to bake them. Read after the jump for the ingredients, & instructions on how to make these delicious "Old Fashioned Cupcakes". A big THANK YOU to our friends at the Food Network Channel for putting this recipe up online.

Eye Candy: Darryl Is Single & Looking!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies a good frend of mines by the name of Darryl just announced he is SINGLE & LOOKING! I've known Darryl since Grammar School and shall I add his personality is nothing like no others; very FUNNY. Also, to add on his characteristics he is cool, funny, live, fly and wavy, and is looking for that special girl in his life. He wants someone honest, not so uptight, and someone who enjoys time as it comes without giving too much. This young man right here is pretty much a gentleman looking for his QUEEN TO BE! Ladies, and Ladies only, if you like what you see, hit me up or you can contact him via his FaceBook link after the jump. Do you have what it takes to be Darryl's Girl? View More Pictures After The Jump?

July 26, 2010

R.I.P Al-Fuquan Pamplin

At this time in my life, I am very shocked and stunned about what just occurred this past weekend. A friend of mine from middle school recently lost his life to the streets. I'm not going to explain what happened because I am not a news reporter and I want to write about his good life rather than the trauma of what happened to him. Up until now I have never had any one of my friends pass away. I'm pretty much still in shock and I refuse to believe it. Al-Fuquan and I were in the same class 7th & 8th grade at Myrtle Avenue Middle School. We weren't the best of buddies but we were friends, and my whole 2 years in the classroom with Al-Fuquan I would have to say he was very down to earth and an honest person.

From what I can remember about Al-Fuquan was that he always talked highly about Football and his favorite Football player of all time "Randy Moss" and he then was on the "Minnesota Vikings". Al-Fuquan enjoyed football and played with the guys during recess or after school. He never was one to get violent or bothered anyone, unless someone pushed his buttons, which was a rare occasion because Al-Fuquan was cool with everyone. I will always remember Al-Fuquan as a great friend and very funny. His jokes were funny and although I was often a target in my class, I have to admit some of the things I did and said were amusing. I'm not sure what happened the night Al-Fuquan passed away, but I'm pretty sure whatever happened, it shouldn't have happened to him. It's crazy how dangerous these streets are in neighborhoods, and how we shouldn't feel safe at all. I'm not happy about the incident, but I'm happy that God has called Al-Fuquan to meet him in Heaven to be safe from harm from this planet we call Earth and Home. R.I.P Al-Fuquan , Now You're A Guardian Angel To Your Family So You Can Now Protect Them From Harm.

"the good die young"

Sincerely LaTroy Watson,

Fashion: Futuristic Figures

How cute is my friend Hajirah's new futuristic modeling pics? I love everything different and unique' especially futuristic things. I'm all about change. Great Job Hajirah!!! Love ya Doll. Check out more pics from the shoot after the jump!

Fashion: What Will Be 2010's Fall Fashion Trend?

Fashion is an on going event. Fashion never stops nor fails. There has been a lot of Fashion Trends to hit the scenes. Lately, I've been beginning to see today's Fashion is repeating itself from the 90's. Did you ever think about that? This summer all we are aware is the Fashion Summer Colors that are in. Let's press play and fast forward to the fall. College kids go back to school, High School youngsters are back, & now the Elementary kids are dreading back to school. Flashing forward, What Do You Think Will Be 2010's Fall Fashion Trend? Will It Be Sweat Pants With Tie-Dye Designs, One Pant Leg Up One Down, Open Track Jackets With No Shirt & A Bra(For The Ladies), Polo Shirts & Beige Pants come back to play? Fashion is a very fast and tricky industry, you'll never know what can happen and what will start. I'm still thinking about what's to see in the fall. What do you think?

July 25, 2010

Sunday Drink: Lipton' Green Tea

Cup Of Tea' In The Morning, Noon, & Night. 
I'm truly an addict to green tea. It's a great fixture for wanting to shed some lbs. It's also a great flush for the body. I usually like it hot and not a minute warm, but sometimes the taste comes even more when its warm lol don't judge me. That's why today I decided to make Sunday's Drink: Green Tea'! A special shout out to Lipton and the way it makes me feel good throughout the day. What are your favorite Tea Flavors? How Do You Feel About Green Tea? Yay Or Nay?

July 24, 2010

This Is What I Call A Real Model:Dariany Santana

Piano Love

This is what I call real modeling without showing too much skin. This lovely lady right here is one of my dearest friends Dariany Santana. Remember her name because she is on the ride of becoming the worlds next Latina Supermodel. I love how Dariany doesn't show in her modeling pictures that she has to take off all her clothes just to get a good picture. Every picture where she show's skin is tastefully done correct! Dariany's photo's are all professionally done and brilliantly delighted by many. I believe a lot of girls can learn from Dari or take notes. Dariany is pretty, her personality is completely out of this world, & overall she's so down to earth. I had the pleasure of meeting this pretty model back when we both worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. The day I met her is the day I knew we were going to be so cool and loved one another. At Abercrombie & Fitch I swore our friendship was like Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port. I just want to take the time out and admire true model beauty. Dariany's resume' for modeling is completely professionally brilliant! You'd be surprised by what this girl will tell you where she has been, who she met, what show's she did, and what high style clubs she's been too. With her head in the books as a full time college student & full time model, there is nothing standing in Dariany's way. I believe Dariany shows the definition of A Model and what Modeling should really be about. Respect for yourself, Respect for others, Dedication, Keeping It Classy, & Never Giving Up.


Here are some more pictures of Dariany after the jump

Need Your Blog Or Website To Look More Professional & Hot?

Do you own a blog or a website and you just try to do all the graphic and template designs yourself and it comes out not what you expected?

One of my good friends is a web designer. My friend Shana Andrus and her partner started a web design business to help Businesses, Bloggers, & Etc. make their websites look more presentable and marketable. The company's name is "WebsiteDesign&More". The company does different types of website templates, logos, and business cards, with very good detailing. The pictures you see above are just some of the work Shana and her team put together. The way you ask for your blog/website/business cards to be is the way you're going to get in return. WebsiteDesign&More puts 100% creativity into their work and assures you the upmost skilled customer service available. Lately, websites now-a-days are just looking the same and less interesting. If you want brilliance, web visitors, & outstanding graphics; I suggest you contact WebsiteDesign&More. Prices are negotiable and very affordable. So stop trying to create templates that are just too tedious for you and let WebsiteDesign&More give you a helping hand. Check After The Jump For More Display Pictures & Contact Information.

Happy Birthday Tokyo Milan Watson

Happy Birthday Tokyo! I Love You So Much! You Turn The Big 21(Dog Years, You Do The Math) Today! Now We Both Can Go To The Clubs & Drink Our Martini's Away. Words Can't Describe How Grateful I Am To Have You As A Best Friend & A Companion. You Deserve Everything From Me! You're My Princess & I Love You So Much BooBie! Hunny, Your A D-A-S-H-ING Diva And Today Is The Day You Strut Like No Other!. :-D Happy Birthday Tokyo Love Ya So Much! Love Troy*
Everyone Post Your Happy Birthday Comments Here! After The Jump Are Some Pics Of Tokyo. :-D

July 23, 2010

Vote For Me: If I Can Dream Sponsored By MySpace

Simon Fuller(Most Critical Judge On American) has produced this new talent search competition where him and his team are looking for new talent doesn't matter if your a singer,dancer,actor, or rapper; Simon wants to hear and see your talent!. You can sign up for the competition via MySpace. I just entered the audition yesterday and now all I need is your help! Please Go Vote For Me & Help Make My Dream Come True!!!! I Will Not Steer You Down! Singing Is My Passion, And I Want To Make My Fellow Peers & World Happy! :-D VOTE FOR ME!!!

Dream Statement

|LaTroy| | MySpace Video

Dream Audition

|LaTroy| | MySpace Video

Vote Here: If I Can Dream:LaTroy Watson

July 21, 2010

If You Could Build A Charity, What Would It Be?

If You Could Start A Charity Of Your Choice, What Would It Be And Why? How Would You Go About It? And Would You Want Team Work Or Work Individually? Let Me Know.

Workout Wednesday: Wii Just Dance

Today's Workout Wednesday Is 30min Dance Cardio To Nintendo Wii's "Just Dance". This game is full of fun songs and choreography dance moves to get you pumping and shedding some lbs. I actually own this game and I love dancing to "Britney Spears-Womanizer", "MC Hammer-Can't Touch This", "Katy Perry- Hot N' Cold" and "Spice Girls-Wannabe". The game shows an avatar on screen and with the controller your movement matches the movement with the avatar with the choreography given. It sound's easy but it's really not, trying to get a high score on each song is very difficult. You'll have to master each move down to a T! So, for all my people who aren't fond with exercising; running, jogging, going to the gym. Then why not have fun while working out with "Just Dance" for the Nintendo Wii Console.

July 19, 2010

Eye Candy: Matt Is Single & Looking!!!

Attention Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, & Ladies Only! One of my cool guy friends' by the name of Matthew aka Matt is on the search for his pretty lil lady. He lives in North Carolina, he's in school, he drives, no kids (I hope not), & is funny as ever. If your in the area or around it hit him up on FaceBook at Matthew Torres. Ladies hurry fast, this single bachelor is only on the search until August 8th. If you like the Eye Candy that you see, send me a message and I'll tell him or you can send him a message via FaceBook. Good Luck and may the best girl win his heart. More Pics after the jump...

What Do You Feed Your Pet?

I like to feed my pooch Purina "Beneful" and shall I add my toy breed Shih Tzu "Tokyo" absolutely goes crazy for it. I sometimes give her "Puppy Chow" but that's only when I need her bowl to look full. I truly recommend you give your dog "Beneful" because it has everything your dog needs. "Beneful" is full vitamins, calcium, and all wholesome natural healthy food; just turned into dog food somehow. There are 6 different kinds of "Beneful"; Original, Healthy Harvest, Healthy Weight, Healthy Radiance, Healthy Growth (Puppies), & Playful Life. I choose to give my dog Tokyo "Healthy Weight" so she can stay at the same healthy weight. Lately, she's been feeling a little skinny so I might kick up her food step and switch over to the "Playful Life" brand. "Beneful" brand also produces wet food that's awesome, it's just like home cooked meals, like you can really eat them if you were starving to death lol. What do you feed your dog? How often do you feed your dog? Let me know, I love hearing how other people raise their dog. 

Weekend Workouts!

July 14, 2010

Starting A Charity Fund

Very soon once I get everything situated, I will start my own Music Funding Charity.
Still deciding on what direction I'd want to go in, but I know there is something out there waiting.
Please Stay Aware Of My New Charity & I Hope It'll Bring You Aboard. 
More Details Will Come Soon. 
Hold on Tight! We're Here To Change The World. 

Ebay: Books for Sale!!!

July 13, 2010

The Hills : On Location

"The Hills" Series Finale' Is Tonight! Are You Happy Or Are You Sad? Quite Frankly, I'm Going To Be Depressed. This Show Was My Helping Hand Through High School & Out. I Will Miss The Drama, The Laughs, The Clothes, The Guys, The Clubs, The Crying, & Lauren Conrad Who Made The Show Possible. You Remember Lauren Don't You?
The Girl That Started It All. In Memory Of "The Hills", I Found These Great Videos Of "The Hills" Shooting On Location. Isn't It Extra Cool To Go Way Behind The Scenes And See How "The Hills" Is Really Filmed. I Hope You Watch The Series Finale' Of "The Hills" Tonight On MTV 10pm Eastern Time! We Love You Cast & I Hope Your Future Only Shines Brighter. Check The Videos After The Jump.

July 9, 2010

If My Best Friend Were An Actress....

Me and one of my cool [Guy] friends were talking, and he asked about my best friend. I told him she was doing well and working for a company which transports new fast cars to NYC & back; something like the pretty girl in The Fast And The Furious. He agreed and said she'd fit the scene lol.  Right then and there what popped into my head was all the thoughts about what movie role would my best friend Britany play. Since my bff is a cute tom-boyish girl, why not have her in "The Fast And The Furious" she can be the next Jordana Brewster or Michelle Rodriguez right? I think Britany will fit right in with the concept of the movie and everything haha. What do you guys think? Some of you may know her and some of you may not, but by looking at the photos after the jump what is your decision?

Guilty Pleasure[S]

July 8, 2010

Exclusive Tenisha Gainey Interview Tonight!

Exclusive Interview with newly Author Tenisha Gainey as she calls in and talks about her debut book "19 Years Old and 19 Men Later". Tonight at 8pm on BlogTalkRadio. You can go to my BlogTalkRadio page to listen or you can call in and listen by dialing 1 (917) 889-8472. I hope you all tune in. Also, with another special guest. 

*Update* Listen To The Interview After The Jump! :) 

July 7, 2010

Fashion: Bridge55

Check Out This New Clothing Apparel Site I Found Yesterday! See More After The Jump.

My Percentage On Male Circumcision

 A close friend of mine(won't say her name, but she's a doll) and I were talking yesterday on the subject matter of men and circumcision. Well, being as comfortable about sex and well you can quite call me experienced I've given her my percentile on men of different ethnicities and their their circumcised stance. I'm not saying this is accurate, but through my experience on talking to guys and asking questions I came up with this conclusion. If you think I'm correct let me know, if you think I'm incorrect please state your percentages. Here's the statement I made to my friend about men who are circumcised after the jump.