October 31, 2010

Halloween Observe and Evaluate

Is this horrifying or what? What do you think the illustrator of this painting was trying to tell us? What do you see? Does it look familiar to you? Would you ever draw something like this in life? Let me know what you think...

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope you all decided on a festive Halloween Costume! I'm dying to see all the creative outfits and such things. I wonder what everyone is doing this year....I hope there are a lot of trick or treaters in my town, because last year no one showed up on my block lol. This year i'm not dressing up because something bad happened to me where i'm in lost of all contact with the world. I must say though, I love Halloween! So many movies and TV specials showing throughout the whole day. My favorite movie trilogy to watch on Halloween is Disney Channel's Original Movie "Halloween Town". I also like to tune into ABC and see if I can catch "Charlie Brown's Halloween". I just wish everyone a safe and festive Halloween. Choose your candy wisely and always go out with a group of people. Have Fun! See You In The Next Month, Happy Halloween goons and goblins lol! :0)

October 29, 2010

Throwback Friday: JoJo "Leave, Get Out"

Everyone must adore the R&B Pop singer JoJo. Remember when she was young at the age of 13 and came out with her first hit "Leave, Get Out"? Ever since that very first single JoJo's career has skyrocketed. JoJo has appeared in a lot of commericals, movies, albums, and even came out with a mixtape. This singer can singer her butt off, this is why today's Throwback Friday is dedicated to JoJo and her first single "Leave, Get Out". You couldn't get me off the song for nothing lol! JoJo's so pretty and adorable. Look after the jump to see the hit that gave JoJo her stardom. :)

October 28, 2010

Verizon Releases Apple iPad

Verizon just released their Apple iPad today nationwide. It's pretty much affordable, and offer's much more than what Apple is offering in my opinion. I heard Verizon is coming out with an iPhone first quarter 2011, wonder what the chaos will look like come that year.

October 27, 2010

New Hair Cut: Reggie Bush Mohawk Effect!

Do You Love? 
Hey All, I have a new look...once again another Mohawk! I really wanted to do something different with my hair and I really wanted to complete the Mohawk look I always wanted. I had a Mohawk like 2 years ago, but it wasn't quite how I wanted it. I came across this picture of Reggie Bush with his dope Mohawk hairstyle. I'd like to thank him for making the look simple and dope! Check for more pictures after the jump

Workout Wednesday: Toe Touches

I am truly running out of  Workout Wednesday regimes...if you think you have some workouts that I haven't covered please let me know! I feel like i'm covering kindergarten stuff lol! But yes toe touches are the best to align your back and works out those muscles in your body. Do it Do it Do it! 

October 26, 2010

Sex and The City 2 DVD!

Sex and The City 2 DVD comes out today! Who's going to buy me the DVD? This movie is remarkably addicting to watch over and over again. I love the cast, plot, fashion, music, and crazy antics Samantha gets herself into. If you love Sex and The City then I suggest you get Sex and The City & Sex and The City 2 on DVD. It's such a great stocking stuffer too. (o:

What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

What are some of your ideas for Halloween? What are you going to be? What parties are going on? Your favorite candy? Let Me Know...I Need Some Ideas 0_o

Tasty Tuesday: Simple Southern Ham and Bean Soup

Today's Tasty Tuesday meal is Paula Deen's "Simple Southern Ham and Bean Soup". I recently tasted a bean soup this past summer, and must I say it was delicious! I shall say there is nothing like a bean soup with good juicy meats. I know some people don't eat pork, but you can substitute the ham for any of your other favorite meats. Paula Deen is such a great chef, I don't think any of her meals is not a 5 star cuisine. Read after the jump for the ingredients and recipe. Enjoy.  

October 25, 2010

312 Pages, 28 Chapters...

"You Get What You Ask For!" I know believe the saying now that my head and eys hurt from reading this long autobiography lol. Seriously, this whole week, I'm catching up on sleep. I had to read this 312 page 28 Chapter book within 2 days. All I vouche to say is never hold off research papers until the last minute. I have a research paper on Marian Anderson due Wednesday, October 27. Can I add that it has to be 6-8 pages. I only did 2. I tried getting the information off of databases only to recieve the same information. I then decided to get her autobiography. The book was okay, I just felt Marian Anderson added way too much unecessary information lol. I start my paper today when I get home from school. My body feels like a beat up cardboard, that has been folded multiple times. I really asked for a book to read and I got what I asked for lol. Wish me luck on my paper! I need it.

October 22, 2010

Big Booty Bitches...

So my friend sends me a funny video this morning of two guys dancing to a song they produced on a keyboard entitled "Big Booty Bitches " the video is to die! LOL, just listen to the lyrics and watch the dance movements. I would like to dedicate this song to all my Big Booty Hoes! We all know one, or know about one lol. Enjoy

Throwback Friday: Jeff Redd - You Called And Told Me

Today's Throwback Friday comes from one of the most influential movies of the 90's. I know everyone has seen the movie "Strictly Business" starring Halle Berry , Tommy Davidson, and Joseph C. Phillips. Well in the movie there was a club scene where Halle Berry is taken to the club by Joseph C. Phillips and they start dancing to Jeff Redd's "You Called And Told Me". The song was mainly the theme of the movie. The song is such a fun get up dance tune. Everytime I hear this song, i'm always up at my feet dancing and singing along doing 90's dance moves. As i'm typing this post, i'm actually listening to the song now lol. Check after the jump for the music video. :) Hmm...I wonder what Jeff Redd is doing now....Mind you the movie came out in (1991). If anybody knows let me know please.

October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Kim Kardashian!!!

Happy 30th Birthday Kim Kardashian! I Love You So Much! You Still Look Fab Hitting The Flirty 30's! I Hope You Have The Most Amazing Birthday Ever. God Has Blessed Us With One Of The Best Princesses In Life! I Only Met You Once And That Was At 106 And Park Back When You Did Dancing With The Stars! I Hope To Meet You Again When DASH NYC Opens Up! Thanks For Coming Into My Home With Your Family And Entertaining Me! You Are To Die For! I LOVE YOU KIMMIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLL!!!

October 20, 2010

Purple Day!

In honor of those who passed away from gay bashing and bullying, today is the day everyone shows their support wearing PURPLE. It's very sad and hurting the evil things people do to others. There's no good feeling putting someone down. It doesn't matter if you're Gay, Bi-Sexual, Heterosexual, etc. no one should be disrespected and humiliated. I've been bullied worse in the pass and I do believe "IT DOES GET BETTER". I may not verbally or physcially see the bullying towards me, but I know there are others who talk behind my back and bash my name to the ground. That doesn't make me sad or weak, it just makes me a stronger person. I heard different celebrities quote "You Should Be Worried If People Aren't Talking About You, That's When You Know Your Doing Something Right."  One of my idol's Khloe Kardashian, recently posted on her blog a "It Gets Better" video, and in the video she addresses one of her bullies, who is very knowin throughout the world. I feel it took Khloe Kardashian a lot of guts to come out and confront her bully, the person who suggested she do the video. It's not just regular people who get bullied, it happens to celebrities as well. For those who are being bullied, I say keep doing what you're doing and don't let the negativity get in the way. You are different for a reason and GOD made you that way for a reason. You are his special child with a great gift to spread througout the world. Hold your head up high, believe in yourself, love yourself, love your family, look towards them for help and guidance, family are the closest people you have to your heart. Stay true to yourself, because IT DOES GET BETTER! - Troy <3

Workout Wednesday: Pull Ups

Today's Workout Wednesday is Pull Ups! If You Want Your Upper Body To Look Fit And Toned, I Suggest You Do These Exercises! So Get Your Lazy Behinds Up And Pull Up LOL! Okay, I Really Can't Pull Up, But It's A Fun Challange. Enjoy! Tell Me Your Experiences On Pull Ups, And How Many Can You Do? Remember Staying In Fit Is One Key To Success! Ciao*

October 19, 2010

Catching Up With Ebony

Me & Ebony!
There is nothing like catching up with your good friends and having a great big time. Everytime I'm with Ebony, there is always GOOD TIMES! If you don't know who Ebony is, she is my co-host for my BlogTalkRadio show. I feel Ebony brings the amusement to the show! Ebony is incredible and giftedly humerous. Last week, we went to our old High School to visit some of the teachers and see how the school was doing. Also, while we were out and about, we decided to stop at this restuarant downtown, Newark to try some of their Fancy Stuffed Cupcakes. you can view some of our pictures after the jump. :) enjoy.

Celebrity Look-A-Like

I Swear These Two Look Just A Like Or they Favor Each Other!
What Do You Think?
Amerie & Kourtney Kardashain

He's Back....

Ladies & Gentleman he's back, my big bro' Lem Dunnigan is back with Season 3 of his GMFB (Good Morning FaceBook Videos). If you aren't familiar with GMFB, then your like years and months late! I'll catch you up, Good Morning FaceBook are videos Lem makes in the early mornings before he goes to work. They include 6 videos out of the week starting with "Make It Happen Monday", "Pick-A-Tune Tuesday", "Whatever Wednesday", "Take It Off Thursday", "Freestyle Friday", and "Show Love Sunday". Each day a new event goes on, but before he gets into the event of the day; in the beginning of his video's Lem always talks about what's going on in the news. The shows are fun, thoughtful, contageious, and phenomanal. If you ask me how I was introduced to Lem, I must say I really forgot, this is how long I've been in tuned with the show and its like i've known him since forever. This guy is really like a big brother to me. Everyone you should watch his shows, I have to say it's better than Regis & Kelly, Wendy Williams, and Bias ASS Channel 5 Fox Morning News. You Know What! I Have A Special Surprise! Look After The Jump! Add Lem On Facebook (LemDunnigan) & Twitter (@LemDunnigan)

Tasty Tuesday: Peanut-Carob Isabooscotti

Today's Tasty Tuesday Meal is for the dogs once again. I found this tasty snack for all pooches on Rachael Ray's website. For those of you who don't know who Rachael Ray is, she is one of the top chef's on Food Network Channel, also with her own daytime/cooking show on ABC. I figured hey why not start giving my bloggers with pets some tasty recipes for their pooches! The meal is "Peanut-Carob Isabooscotti" sounds yummy to the tummy already. I think it's good to incorporate some peanut butter in dogs food, gives them a safe tasting of how Resee cups taste lol. Read below the jump for the recipe and preperation. Enjoy!

October 15, 2010

Operation: 119 Spring Street, SoHo, NYC

Within The Next 2 Months, I Need To Make My Way Here! Details Coming Soon!

October: Observe & Evaluate #6

Throwback Friday: Alicia Keys - Girlfriend

Remember when Alicia Keys hit the music scene with her long braids, and soft baby face look? Well, when she first came into the music industry, a favorite video of mines that I love from her was "Girlfriend". Alicia Keys is so beautiful and OMG talented. This is why today's Throwback Friday video goes out to the only and only Pianist Songstress. :) Enjoy.

October 13, 2010


Before You Begin, Please Do The Following...

1) Play The Music
2) Look At The Picture
3) Imagine

What Do You Envision?

Fur Is Murder...

For Colored Girls...

If This Movie Doesn't Bring Woman Empowerment, Then What Will?! 

Dating Not So Popular Anymore...

is it the devil in the blue dress or is dating not in style anymore? 

I Long For This...

I long for one of those one of these days/months/closing year?!

Rihanna: Only Girl In The World Music Video

BET Hip Hop Awards: Funniest Moments!

Antoine Dodson "Bed Intruder" Performance

Nicki Minaj: Rookie of the Year Award Acceptance Speech

These Two Videos Made My Day! Thanks @NecoleBitchie.Com :)

Workout Wednesday: Elliptical

I Really Don't Know What This Does....But It Looks Like It Does Wonders! Enjoy! 

October 12, 2010

Ciara - Gimmie That

Ciara did it again for me! I think she's totally gaining back her ATL Princess Swag if you ask me. Ciara, I believe went RECORD LABEL POPISH on us, and we need the dancing hardcore crunk'nB Artist! I'm so in love with Ciara's song "Gimmie That" and I couldn't wait till the video premiered today. I love the video, a lot of scenes, dancing, looks, and fine MEN!. Check out Ciara's new video for her latest single "Gimmie That" after the jump. Enjoy :-) Ciara is back!

October: Observe And Evaluate #5

Ha! I just saw this picture and died! I Find it all sorts of funny! Imagine This really! I can definitely point out 6 out of the 7 killers, what about you? Tell me your insight of this picture? What do you think is being said and going on? Can you also name all 7 serial killers?

Tasty Tuesday: Caesar Club Sandwich

Today's Tasty Tuesday meal is one of the tastiest sandwiches ever. I never had it yet! But it looks so good! It's called a Caesar Club Sandwich, if you ask me anything club and Caesar is delicious! Just looking at the picture makes me want to eat through my cpu screen lol. Doesn't this sandwich seem like a good meal for a get together party or some sort? Well, read after the jump to get the recipe. Enjoy :-)

October 8, 2010

Throwback Friday: Solange - Feelin' You

I bet you don't remember Solange Knowles, first single ever! Have you ever seen the video? Well take a look at Solange Knowles before the wedding, baby, and afro. :) Enjoy.

October Observe And Evaluate #5

Today's October Observe And Evaluate Is Something Everyone Should Know!
If You Don't Know About Camp Crystal Lake, Then I Can Definitly Say
You Really Didn't Pee Your Pants During Sleep Away Camp!
If You Know What Camp Crystal Lake Is Let Me Know
If You Don't Know, Then Tell Me What You Think
It Is!

October 7, 2010

Sorry I've Been Slacking!

Sorry to everyone who felt like I was slacking on my blog. Since last Friday October 5, I suffered a totally bad ear ache' which is getting better now, but I was totally out of the norm to really function. I missed Workout Wednesday, and I really didn't put enough emphasis in my Tasty Tuesday, when I usually write a lot. Next week is a new week and I will be 100% blogging like I have been. I'd like to apologize to those who visit my blog everyday looking to read some exciting things I like to talk about or basically what goes on in my life. I also missed friends gatherings, and all. I feel so bad. I'm usually not like this, but ear aches are a MOTHER! Thank You All Who Take The Time Out To Visit My Site, Comment, And Subscribe. I Appreciate It With All My Heart. It Makes Me Happy To Know, My BORING LIFE Seems Interested To Others. Have A Great Day & Remember Everyday Have Your Latroy Fix, By Visiting www.LaTroyW.Blogspot.com :-)

October: Observe And Evaluate #4

I really wanted to switch it up a bit to add a little smile and chuckle to your day. This isn't really a scary picture, but its still something to look at and evaluate. I already have my assumption and i'm not going to share it with you all lol; just yet. What do you think is going on in the picture? Do you find it funny? Let me know...

October 4, 2010

October: Observe And Evaluate #3

Today's October Fright Picture Is Of A House. The House Above Isn't So Scary Right? Well Look After The Jump. Even if you don't suspect something about this house, there is something horrifying about it.

New Music: Enfamous - Love Find Me

You all remember my friend Enfamous right?You All Remember His First Single "Point & Grill"? Well, he's not stopping! He is back with a new track entitled "Love Find Me" a nice very, soulful, meaningful ballad. You all will love. Make sure you subscribe his YouTube, Follow him on Twitter and visit his Website! Listen to "Love Find Me" after the jump.

October 2, 2010

October: Observe And Evaluate #2

Okay, so as I wrote on my last post, this October, I'm going to post some scary or Halloween themed portraits, pictures, etc. and we're going to observe the picture and evaluate what was or is going on in the photo. The picture above is the second picture for the month. What do you think is happening? What is going on? Why are the portraits leaning on the wall? 

October 1, 2010

October 1st!!!

It's October everyone and you know what that means; all things SCARY!!! October is my 2nd favorite month of the year, okay 3rd but still the same thing. Halloween is near, if you know me you'll know i'm such a big Horror Fanatic! I can't wait to see all the movies that come out this month. Of course, you'll know they will be all sorts of crazy,spooky, and scary. As a treat, I was thinking throughout this whole month everyday I will post a Spooky/Halloween picture and we'll observe and evaluate what's going on. In total of 31 pictures will be observed and evaluated. I want to see what evaluations you all come up with. I think this will be fun. If you know the stories of some of the pictures I post, please do share with me. The first picture I'm sure everyone will know or if you don't know then you better get your Halloween, Spooky Story Braincells to working. Observe the picture after the jump and let me know what you think? What's the story behind it? What do you think happened? What was the illustrator or painter trying to tell us? Or What does this picture have to do with Halloween? P.S. I Can't Wait For 13 Nights of Halloween on ABCFamily!