January 7, 2011

Can You Spy The Tsunami of Yami?

It has come clear to my attention that one of my good girlfriends Yami is in the new Shawn Chrystopher music video entitled "The Hangover".  I know I peeped back and forth at the video on Tuesday evening when it premiered on 106 and Park, I was too busy getting dressed I didn't notice my <3 Yami!. Thank GOD Yami BBM'd me if I saw her and I quickly jumped on YouTube to see her crazy & cute self! I think she plays the girlfriend or love interest to Shawn Chrystopher (the rapper). "The Hangover" is such a dope song I love the video and you can clearly see it was all about having FUN!. I'm proud of my friend although this isn't her first music video she has appeared in. Yami was also in Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" video when his "American Gangster" album came out. It's good to see your cute friends appear in music videos. It only goes to show the cute ones belong front and center and the video hoes YOUR IN THE BACK! =) Can You Spot Yami In The Videos? You can view both videos after the jump and make sure you follow both YamiShawn Chrystopher on Twitter!

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