January 18, 2011

Chris Brown, Tyga, Swizz Beats and Big Sean Explain STYLE

BBC by Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D.
I just came across this dope video Chris Brown and his celebrity friends Tyga, Swizz Beats, and Big Sean whipped up on their personal style and what style means to them. Fashion has been in the game longer than you and I have ever been born, even before our great grandparents. Though our Fashion trends tend to evolve as the years pass on by, but what i'm seeing is the younger generation repeating the same stuff as before; just adding a hint of their own kick to it. Chris Brown's style always changes and I never would categorize Chris in one of those worst dressed scenarios. I know I haven't done a Fashion Post in a minute so I thought this might be something fun and entertaining visually learning about how our favorite celebrities get fresh to death! You can take a look at the video after the jump. Enjoy!

Also check out his blog/website ....Mechanical Dummy!