January 13, 2011

My Birthday Gift List...

: Hmm, my birthday is right around the corner. Not closely around the corner but it’s coming up. January seems to be moving slow to me for some reason. My birthday is the 29th of this month. I will be turning 22. Am I thrilled about turning 22 no! Reason being its one more year closer to 30. I don’t have anything against the 30’s on up, but I really feel like I haven’t learned a lot to be a grown man. It’s scary though! Well to stray away from my misery of turning 22, I do have a few things I want for my birthday =) 
Here is the list of things I’m asking for or wishing for. You can feel free to get me any of these things on the list. Only problem is to hope and pray someone else hasn't gotten me the gift :-/ yikes! okay, let me know before hand if you get me something Kapish? 
  • A new dog (shih tzu, yorkie, maltese, miniature schnauzer, or bulldog)
  • A kindle or Nook (color preferably) 
  • Ipod Touch (no facetime though) 
  • MacBook Pro (13inch) 
  • Kardashian Konfidential (Book)
  • Decoded (Book)
  • Wii Games (Just Dance 2, Glee: The Musical, Michael Jackson Experience)
  • A trip to Olive Garden (I’ve never been there before)
  • 3 Wall Portraits/Frames ( Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn )
  • That Special Person To Ask Me Out (Hey I Have A Chance Right?)
  • A bag of Gummie Bears
  • Scarves (Nice Ones) 
  • Vintage Sweaters
  • Blazers (Casual on the go kind)
  • Concert Tickets To The Backstreet Boys/New Kids On The Block Tour
  • Blackberry PlayBook
All right, the list is done. I didn't ask for that much now did I? lol