January 3, 2011


It is 2011 and Oprah Winfrey has already taken over the year. Is anyone as proud and shocked that Oprah Winfrey has her own cable network? Like I am beyond amazed right now. This is something big to me =) I'm so proud of Oprah and all her endeavorers that she has really became an inspiration to my life and role model. It takes a lot to have your own network. WOW! Oprah has really set the bar high for people trying to get like her. Ever since Oprah premiered her cable network January 1st, I honestly can't turn. Oprah has so many shows she's produced and coming out with for her network that I will be tuned in everyday every hour even if it's repeats. I'm very proud of Oprah, someone with that drive deserves all the success that may come her way. Oprah Winfrey is a working machine, this is how I want to be in life. Oprah really practices the saying "You Only Live Once, You Want To Go Out With A Bang!". Congrats Ms. Winfrey!!! Keep On Amazing Me With Your Unexpected Endeavors. =)