January 14, 2011

Throwback Friday - DaBand "Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That"

Who can't forget this R&B/Hip-Hop music group? LOL. DaBand....wow, MTV should do a "Where Are They Now" segment somewhere in the mix. This band was the second band I believe Diddy (Sean Combs) put together when he had his phenomenal hit show "Making The Band". Diddy put together a group of individuals from inner city states whom never met one another nor worked with one another and formed the ultimate urban hip/hop group. Although, there was only one singer you couldn't deny DaBand wasn't hot! Today's Throwback Friday is dedicated to the band that made talent search reality TV drama what it is today. "Bad Boy This, Bad Boy That" was their first smash hit single and luckily their video is still roaming the internet around. Enjoy and Happy Friday!